Welcome to our site.

We earnestly trust that you will feel at home here and hope. you will leave comments from time to time

Our prime aim is to Glorify The Lord and see many souls drawn to Him for Salvation.

For only through Him can we have all our sins forgiven and escape eternal punishment.

We can also have that ” peace which passeth all understanding”

But while on our sojourn here on earth, we feel it is incumbent upon us to resist evil————-especially in high places! Much has happened in Ulster over the past year that we believe must be challenged

The Lord bless




  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your site. You probably already know this, but in the top bar “Patriotic” is spelled wrong, unless “patriotoic” is a word that means something else and hasn’t made its way into dictionaries yet. blessings, Kathy

  2. Thank You and May God Bless Your Efforts!

    In Christ’s Love.

  3. Good site

  4. Just to add. Good site,but I can’t read across the whole Billy Wright article,due to the links,recent comments etc border.

    Other than that…Great.

  5. Thank you indeed Rab.

    Have now mansged to “repair” the Billy Wright article

    Your kind remarks are much appreciated and I trust that you will visit the site often

    We would also appreciate your prayers for health problems,
    The Lord bless


  6. Have a nice day !

  7. Thank you. Will do.

  8. God is Love.

    Gos is not Hate.

  9. Truly God is Love and Truth. And while He loves the sinner, He hates sin which includes every form of perversion

  10. Hallelujah! Anyway Emmanuel is my name
    I am student Pastor,Because of that i want you
    which can help me to do the work of GOD.AMEN!

    Through this posting address:
    Emmanuel Antwi Boasiako
    Standard Life Christian Center
    Assembly of God-Church
    P.O.Box 241,ust
    Kumasi-Ash -Reg
    Ghana-West Africa

  11. am a student in salvation,want someone to help me know God be blessed

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