Posted by: the watchmen | April 9, 2009


Many people over the last few months have enjoyed reading and taking part in this blog, The Watchmen.

As a friend of the owner of this blog, it is my sad duty to inform the readers, that Jim, the owner of this blog, passed away in the early hours of 9th April, quite suddenly. Jim is now at home with the Saviour Who died for him.

Jim had been struggling a long battle with ill health, especially in recent years, and finding it hard to move about, the computer gave him many hours of enjoyment, and he did love to contribute to his blog.

Jim loved nothing better than debating the latest political news, but even more, he loved to talk about the things of God, and it was a joy to spend time with him as he talked these things over.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Dorothy, at this sad time.


“absent from the body…..present with the Lord ”
(2nd Corinthians 5:8)



  1. This is indeed sad news, but also happy. He is no longer suffering or in ill health, and rests in the reward his Lord provides him.

    In this great plan of Gods, we all must pass from this life and into Eternity, and knowing our Lord Jesus as Saviour gives us an immeasurable joy as well as a Great hope.

    He was a lively man even in his ill health, which is when I had met him. I had hoped to meet him on my own trip to Ireland in 2010, but now I shall have to wait my turn to meet him in a place surpassing even Ulster.

    I’ll return to post a final thought on this matter, and pass along my regards, but for now I say thank you to Jim in spirit for this place, and forever may he reign with his Lord and strength.


  2. We take this time to mourn the loss of our dear Irish friend Jim. Our memories of him are cherished. We thank our Lord for HIS providence as HE brought us together in unity of the Holy Spirit. Jim’s gracious manner encouraged and motivated us. We will sadly and greatly miss him
    Glory be to God we WILL see him again.
    Psalms 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

  3. I never met this man in the physical sense, but I much enjoyed reading his blog, his opinions and his beliefs.

    How precious it is to know that this man now abides in the presence of the Lord.

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