Posted by: the watchmen | March 28, 2009

A Papist Monarch?

Northern Ireland MPs clash over succession law

By Noel McAdam
Saturday, 28 March 2009

Unionist and nationalist MPs have clashed as it emerged proposals to change laws preventing members of the Royal family marrying Roman Catholics are not being supported by the Government.

The SDLP hit out after DUP Junior Minister Jeffrey Donaldson argued a potential monarch who is a Roman Catholic would be required to give first allegiance to the Vatican.

SDLP deputy leader Alasdair McDonnell accused the Lagan Valley MP of peddling “poisonous 16th-century propaganda” and demanded an apology.

But Mr Donaldson said if his South Belfast counterpart had no interest in the 1701 Act of Settlement, which lays down the rules of succession, under which heirs to the Throne lose out if they marry Catholics, he should refrain from press statements on it. Their spat came after a Private Members’ Bill aimed at ending the discrimination had its second reading in the House of Commons. While Prime Minister Gordon Brown has opened discussions with Buckingham Palace over the issue, it emerged the Government is not backing the Bill.

Mr McDonnell said: “As Irish |republicans we have no interest in the succession to the British throne or any other throne. However, as partners in a power-sharing government we are deeply concerned that a junior minister charged with direct responsibility for community relations is peddling poisonous 16th-century lies and propaganda.

“Jeffrey should learn some proper history and drop the tribal mythology. Catholics owe no political or constitutional allegiance to the Pope or to the Vatican State and they never have. It is astounding and quite alarming that a junior minister should so deeply misunderstand and misrepresent more than half a million of his close neighbours.

“He has done great damage to his ministerial position.”

Mr Donaldson retorted: “When the Roman Catholic Bishop of Arundel and Brighton said that |allowing members of the Royal Family to marry Roman Catholics was ‘not of major concern’ he was correct.

“There is no-one jumping up and down in the streets demanding this change, so why make such a song and dance about it?

“If the Government really wanted to address issues of concern to Roman Catholic people perhaps they should look at issues like abortion, civil partnerships, |animal-human hybrid embryos and other measures which they have pursued that conflict with established Catholic teaching.”

The 1701 Act says heirs to the throne lose their right to be the sovereign if they marry a Catholic or convert.

How tragic it would be should the 1701 Act of settlement be rescinded. it would effectively mean a restoration of the arbitary and tyrannical rule of the Papacy. The definite potential for a Papist monarch to reign on the British Throne.

The right granted to Protestant citizens would speedily disappear.

Civic leaders and Protestant clergymen must take a committed stand on this all important matter. For too long their silence has been deafening on such issues.



  1. This is jus more Politiclaly Correct Gibberish. I am beginnign t think Westminster is run by those who have simply no snese at all.

  2. Hi,

    Historically, Donaldson is right, but this is the 21st century & Muslims have taken over redunded Protestant churches. Does he not see, that he & the SDLP are like two birds arguing about territory, while the cat creeps up, kills the young in the nest, & if they don’t watch out, kill these two stupid birds. Prince Charles is an Atheist. The Church of England was founded by a seriel killer & a serial adulterer.
    Donaldson is no better than Roman Catholics who pray to bones of saints. Christendom has nothing got to do with Jesus Christ.
    He came to set the captivated FREE. Free from what? Everything He found in Israel when He came 2000 years ago. He did not found a church! He found a Community of Believers, who followed His teaching. The Acts of the Apostles is all about Community living. It is all about looking after one another. It has nothing got to do with religion, that came when Constantine & CO saw a good thing, perverted it & took it over. Jesus said, The Truth will set you free (John 8:31-32). What Truth? His teachings!
    When you compare His teachings to Christendom, its like Gold to Shit. What has been done in His name, is Blasphemous. Love has been changed to Hate. Kindness to Selfishness. My God is the God of Luke 15:11-32.
    In John 2:1-11 we read of the miracle of water turned to wine. The Master of Cermonies, when he tasted the wine, he realised it was the best. So he said to the bridegroom, that the best wine is always served first, & then you give out the cheaper brand when the guests couldn’t tell the difference. Jesus is showing the world that the 2000 years of Judaism was cheap wine compared to the Wine He gives. Its not that Jesus has failed, its that we have failed to obey His teachings. Can you imaging what it would be like?
    Its mind-blowing! In John 8:1-12 we read of the female caught in the very act of adultery. Those that charged her must have being getting an eye full, while the couple were getting ready to have sex, many of them masturbating; the bloody hypocrites! But Jesus saw through them, as He sees through me & you. We can’t fool the God-Man. But His words to her are beautiful & encourging. When I sin, I know I have sinned. I have missed the Mark of His high calling. I will have to try harder the next time. My sin is not your sin, but both of us have to improve our aim & strike the Bull’s Eye. Sometimes I do, other times I am way off, but practice makes me better, & that is the Way to follow Him.
    My friend, I have lost 4 siblings in a 24 month period, the last one through suicide. I was gutted. I was shattered. Aidan & I were Christians. He was Francis of Assisi to my Mike Tyson. We had looked after Paddy out brother, who was a victim of a Hit & Run. We visited him every night in the psychiatric hospital for 24 years. When he died, a part of Aidan died. He couldn’t go on. He was heartbroken. And then Maria was diagnosed to have cancer & was dead in 3 months. Now he lost the will to live. Breda, Paddy, Marie & Aidan all gone in a twenty four period. How did survive? I got DRUNK on a regular basis. Why? Because the people I thought were Christians shunned me because of how my brother died. I became a leper, no one visited me only a Christian who had lived a violent life before coming to Christ. He is an Itenerant, Ireland’s John Bunyan. He travelled from Dublin to Limerick, while those living a few hundreds yards away, passed my door.
    Will you pray for Stephen McCarthy? His two sons, that he reared on his own after their mother committed suicide, have turned to crime, & are trying to destroy his minstry, saying evil things about him. This man tried to commit suicide after his partner committed suicide, but failed because the water was to shallow. I stood watching & laughing, saying “Wouldn’t you think the fool would wait until there was enough water.” Little did I know that Stephen would be lead to Christ by brother Aidan a few years later. I confessed my sin to Stephen & apoligised for my ignorance & stupidy. The man I laughed at, is now my only Christian friend; two Mike Tysons who have “fought” in the Heavyweight divison of Life, & keep getting up from the “canvas” every time we are knocked down. Jesus is our Lifeline, & we turn to Him for advice. Without Him we too would be dead.

    May you know the Love of Christ in the midst of whatever storm you are going through, & never stop trusting Him; for without Him, we are lost.


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