Posted by: the watchmen | March 13, 2009

The Shame Of The DUP Stance On Murder.—Courtesy Rev Ivan Foster.

The Burning Bush


Truth and righteousness are deemed less important than political expediency
When the world of journalism noted and criticised the reluctant manner in which Sinn Fein
uttered anything resembling a condemnation of the murder of the two soldiers at the entrance
to the army barracks in Antrim on the evening of Saturday 7th March, it also noted
the absence of any criticism of the Sinn Fein stance by its partner in government in Northern
Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party.
Here is what appeared on the “Belfast Telegraph” website on March 10th:
“The striking thing is that the Sinn Fein response attracted so much criticism, but that
it has not been attacked by the Democratic Unionist Party, who are their partners in
government, by the British Government, or by the police.
All of these appear to take the view that Sinn Fein has to tread carefully in the republican
underworld. The most immediately important of these elements is the DUP and its
leader and First Minister, Peter Robinson.
The DUP has often in the past savaged Sinn Fein for approving of republican violence
against the security forces, and it might have done so again. Instead Mr Robinson has
focused on the Real IRA, who carried out the attack, and taken the line that this is not
a time to seek party political advantage.
His stance has caused much relief in London and Dublin, since there were anxieties that
the killings might lead to political recriminations, with consequent damage to the peace
The DUP’s stance is one of base time-serving expediency. It is far removed from the origins
of the party’s objectives when formed some 40 years ago. It has abandoned principle
and adopted selfish political self-preservation. It first set its foot on that road when it responded
to the Westminster government’s ultimatum in the Autumn of 2006 that if a deal
was not done with Sinn Fein Stormont would be closed and with it would end the salaries,
allowances and various other ‘perks’ much enjoyed by the DUP elected members of the Assembly.
Infamously, the DUP chose to enter a power-sharing arrangement with the murderous
Sinn Fein/IRA organisation, taking them into government and into the joint office of
First and Deputy First Minister. Martin McGuinness, self-confessed IRA leader and operative,
as a result of the DUP’s decision now rules Northern Ireland in conjunction with Mr.
Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP. Truth and righteousness were abandoned for political
power and temporal glory.
The blindness that descended upon the DUP was very evident in the statement issued by
Peter Robinson after the Antrim murders. He and party colleague Rev William McCrea are
credited by the “Irish Times” with saying: “There’s nothing but murder in the hearts of
these people, but one thing I can guarantee: they will not defeat us, they will not win, but
we will see them defeated.”

That being so, we can expect the leaders of the Real IRA to be taken into government soon
since that is how the DUP defeated Sinn Fein/IRA !!
Peter Robinson is also reported on the website of the “Belfast Newsletter” as saying:
“These murders were a futile act by those who command no public support and have no
prospect of success in their campaign. It will not succeed.”
He should have a long look at the man who shares his office and his authority of leadership,
Martin McGuinness. MCGuinness led the IRA in Londonderry for many years when
many soldiers, policemen and civilians, both Roman Catholic and Protestant were brutally
murdered at his command as IRA leader.
For such activities, the British Government with the aid of the Democratic Unionist Party,
rewarded him with the joint leadership of our country.
Assurances that the RIRA will not succeed from the lips of Peter Robinson ring hypocritically
hollow indeed.
Ivan Foster
March 10th 2009.


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