Posted by: the watchmen | March 10, 2009

A Victim Speaks.

How on earth could the victims’ on-going
grief be appeased in any way by the proposals of Dr. Robin Eames
and Denis Bradley?
Blood money is never acceptable, and those of us who
have lost loved ones can never be appeased by the symbolic 30 pieces.
My husband ( Christopher Mein) went out to deliver milk
at Galbally, Co. Tyrone, on February 11, 1975 and never came home.
Three IRA men were standing up a lane waiting for him and gave him
no chance.
He was completely innocent. He was not a member of the UDR, the police
or anything. He was just a man out doing his day’s work and for some reason
they thought it was worthwhile to kill him.
They take his life, and in return Eames-Bradley wants to reward them or people like them.
After my husband’s death, I spent the next five months in the
Royal Maternity hospital and no one came and asked me did I need any
help. Only friends, parents and family rallied around.
My son never knew his father. The only thing he knew of his father was photographs.
The Government didn’t care. No one was ever charged. I do not know who the
killers were, whether they are alive or dead and if their family is to be offered
this blood money.
I do not want their dirty money.

Dorothy Murdock,

Co. Armagh


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