Posted by: the watchmen | March 6, 2009

When will this Sir Edward business end?

Controversy over Kennedy knighthood

Senator Ted Kennedy

By Staff reporter
THE granting of an honorary knighthood to US senator Ted Kennedy has caused controversy across the UK.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown made the announcement on Tuesday while in the US. The 77-year-old brother of former President John Kennedy is being honoured for his service to the UK-US relationship and the Northern Ireland peace process.

But the deputy leader of the UUP, Danny Kennedy, said the acceptance of the award by Mr Kennedy was “slightly ironic”.

He added: “It is not lost on many of us who at times have been infuriated by the attitude of Ted Kennedy.

“He is now an old man who is very ill and I think he has made a political journey, having previously been rather gullible in the past. It took him a while to recognise the truth of the situation here having been a strong backer of the republican movement.”

DUP European election candidate Diane Dodds said the knighthood was typical of changes in Irish nationalism.

Former Conservative minister Lord Tebbit, whose wife was badly injured in the 1984 IRA Brighton bombing, said Senator Kennedy was biased towards the republican movement.

“I’m not sure Her Majesty would be entirely comfortable with it, but then it’s the Prime Minister who decides these things,” he told the BBC



  1. This is why I oppose the modern trend toward Democracy.

    If we’d drop this whole silly nonsence, we’d let the Lords remain Lords and not make them an elected senate, and let both the House of Lords be independant of the Commons and capable of makign its own decisions, rather than acting as a rubber stamp fo them, and let Her Majesty, and her rightful Successors, have final sya in how the Kingdom is Administered.

    Instead the Lords are just there to sign off on the Commons latest stupidity, and the Queen doe snothign but add a signature to the decisions of our “Democratically elected Governmment.”

    Democracy has not givin Brittain more freedom, btu less, and has ensured moral decay, and now it will foist on us a murdering philandering creep who supported the Bombings of the British peopels and supported known terrorists.


    Maybe he and his friend Gordon BRown need to take another trip to Chapaquitic, where Lady Liberty can be drowned.

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