Posted by: the watchmen | March 3, 2009

Jim Allister on terrorists in Government.


Jim Allister QC MEP reflects on the European election…

Every election is important, but on 4th June 2009, Ulster will not just elect its 3 MEPs for the next 5 years, but it will give its verdict on terrorist-inclusive government at Stormont.

Electing MEPs with the interest and ability to do the job is vital. I will fight this election, not on the basis of empty promises, nor a new found and transient interest in Europe, but, having raised representation in Europe to a new level, I will fight on the firm ground of a proven track record of full-time effort and delivery.

In giving its verdict on Stormont, the choice will be straightforward. I will be the only candidate opposed to terrorists in government. I will be able to look every voter in the eye and invite them to join me in saying “Not in my name”. All others support Martin McGuinnes as Joint First Minister and work the system of Belfast Agreement devolution, and undemocratic mandatory coalition, which gifted us 3 convicted terrorists as Ministers and Ruane as the devastator of education.
While others engage in mesmerising gymnastics, to con voters into thinking that despite their unwavering support for McGuinness as Joint First Minister, they really are opponents of IRA/Sinn Fein, I will face the voters with actions which match my words. The day when the DUP candidate put her hand up to bring IRA/Sinn Fein into Government was the day she surrendered the ground from which the advance of Sinn Fein can be resisted with principle and conviction. If you gift Martin McGuinness the top office of Joint First Minister, you can’t, with credibility, pretend concern about Barbara de Brun! If you make Sinn Fein your primary partner in government, then they are not your enemy at the polls!
Maybe the real test of the sincerity of some is to ask the simple question, “The day after the election, where will your party be?” If the answer is back sitting round the cabinet table with IRA/Sinn Fein, neither knowing, nor caring, how many members of the IRA Army Council govern from there, then, all talk about defeating Sinn Fein is just cynical pretence and a ploy to con the electorate.
Holding two seats for Unionism is imperative. Hence, my long-standing call for every Unionist to make full use of their transfers within the Unionist family. Under PR we thereby secure both seats. With two sitting unionist MEPs defending their seats, while it is regrettable that the vote is split by the entry of a third candidate, in democracy such happens. However, you can’t, then berate others over South Belfast and Fermanagh & South Tyrone, if you yourself wantonly split the vote in Europe.
This election will also afford voters the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which they were cheated out of by the Labour Government. I have been relentless in opposing the growth of EU superstatehood and the transfer of further national powers from London to Brussels. The Lisbon Treaty is the vehicle intended to deliver such further loss of national control.
Northern Ireland’s farmers, fishermen, consumers and businesses, especially at this time of unparalleled economic pressure, need vibrant representation in Brussels. I am pledged to continue such delivery.


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