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Creation. God’s Greatest Witness!___Ian Paisley.

Magnificent: creation is ‘God’s greatest witness’

By Ian Paisley

Even though the enemy atheists of the God of Heaven and His revealed Word, the Bible, have outlawed from their classrooms the belief of Creationism, it continues to hold its ground.
The conspiracy to destroy all belief in the Divine truth that God created the heaven and the earth has not succeeded, nor will it ever succeed.

While atheists prepare the exaltation of Darwin in a new shrine to celebrate his life, the results of

a recent poll, taken by the well respected firm ComRes, evidence the following:

Over half (51 per cent) agree with the statement ‘Evolution alone is not enough to explain the complex structures of some living things so the intervention of a designer is needed at key stages’.

Some 40 per cent disagreed with this and nine per cent did not know.

When asked whether they believed that ‘God created the world sometime in the last 10,000 years’, 60 per cent disagreed, 33 per cent agreed, and seven per cent did not know.

So Darwinism is not embraced as the truth by the overwhelming majority, nor as the only explanation of creation that is all too often presented by science, education and media.

The battle now goes to the schoolroom – and it is a battle. This is a drawn-out conflict between long-time adversaries – the Truth and the enemy of Truth.

It is a crusade of powerful forces.

It is not a skirmish between science and non-believers.

It is a war waged by the Enemy himself against his very Creator!

Recently, one third of teachers held that Creationism should be taught alongside Evolution and the Big Bang theory of creation.

Despite such a view within the ranks of educationalists, Michael Reiss, the Royal Society’s Director of Education, was forced to resign after suggesting that Creationism should be discussed in lessons ‘not as a misconception but as a world view’.

Mr Reiss is himself a biologist and an Anglican cleric.

Responding to the ComRes poll, Mr Paul Woolley, director of Theos, (a theology think tank) stated: “Darwin is being used by certain atheists to promote their cause.”

He went on to say that when “given the false choice of Evolution or God, people are choosing God”.

Professor Dawkins, the well-known author of The God Delusion is dismayed by the poll’s findings which he believes shows scientific ignorance among Britons.

When we compare the opening words of Genesis – “In the beginning God created…” with the following lines…

‘Once I was a tadpole beginning to begin,

Then I became a frog with my tale tucked in;

Then I was a monkey up a banyan tree,

Now I’m a Professor with a PhD’

Forgive me please, Professor, if I line up with the scientifically ignorant Britons.

Lord Kelvin, recognised in his day as one of the greatest thinkers in the field of science, wrote a striking letter to The Times, in which he had some interesting things to say: “Was there ever anything so absurd as to believe that a number of atoms, by falling together of their own accord, could make a sprig of moss a microbe – a living animal?

Here scientific thought is compelled to accept creative power.

Forty years ago I asked Liebig, who was one of the great scientists of his day, if he believed the grass and the flowers we saw around us, grew by mere mechanical force.

The great scientist replied: “No more than I could believe that a book of botany

explaining them could grow by such force.

Let them not imagine that any hocus-pocus of electricity or viscous fluids would make a living cell…Nothing approaching to a cell of a living creature has ever yet been made…No artificial process whatever, could make living matter out of dead.”

True science deals with facts, not fancies; with proofs, not presumptions and with truths, not theories.

The ‘No Creator’ scientist is the Atheists’ standard bearer.

His real message is no God, no hope, and no eternal life. Nothing. The Bible is a deception. Jesus Christ was an impostor. God does not exist. In the beginning – chance.

My friend – “In the beginning, God!”

Look out of your window tomorrow morning. God created it as he created the first morning.

Tonight, look at the stars – He created these also.

His creation is His greatest witness, and in any court when the line is drawn, the objective is to destroy and defame the best witness.

The past is His diary, the present His blessing, the future His gift.

God is central, supreme, sovereign, and He is salvation.

Yes, Creationism or Evolution – it is a battle and there is a choice to be made!

You may celebrate 200 years of Darwinism but you live in the year of our Lord 2009.

Think On This:

What God creates, God protects.

What God protects, He redeems.

What God redeems, He prizes.

And what God prizes, He completes.


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