Posted by: the watchmen | February 20, 2009

Muslim Supremacy____Premier News.

Muslim schools accused of promoting extremism
Some Islamic schools are promoting fundamentalist views and encouraging children to despise British society, a report warns.

An investigation by the Civitas think-tank found websites of some of the UK’s 166 Muslim schools are spreading extreme teachings, while a handful had links to sites promoting jihad, or holy war.

Children are told they should avoid reading Shakespear and Harry Potter, listening to Western music is wrong and playing cricket and chess should be forbidden.

The report entitled Music, Chess and Other Sins, claims Ofsted inspectors are incapable of assessing Muslim faith schools properly, and demands an inquiry by MPs.

Author Dr Denis MacEoin, a university lecturer in Islamic studies, investigated hundreds of school websites. He stressed the problems were not found in all Muslim schools, but said some were a serious threat to society and encouraged ‘ghetto mentality’.

The report highlighted schools that held the view ‘children are exposed to a culture that is in opposition with almost everything Islam stands for’ and another claiming ‘the person who plays chess is like the one who dips his hands in the blood of a swine’.

Another website branded listening to music evil and said the Royal College of Music was ‘satanic’.

Christian Author and broadcaster Gerry Hanson tells Premier he’s concerned it is threatening social cohesion:

‘I cannot understand that we can tolerate this subversive fundamentalism within our midst. The things that the fundamentalist are trying to teach their children don’t even make common sense.’

Some Muslim groups welcomed the report and recognised the need to stamp out extremism in Muslim Schools but others such as The Association of Muslim Schools condemned the study as ‘misleading, intolerant and divisive’, claiming it was ‘based on prejudices rather than evidence’.

Anjum Anwar is a Muslim and the development officer at Blackburn Cathedral. She says she’s taking the report with a pinch of salt:

‘I have visited over 475 schools in Lancashire, many Muslim and I have yet to find that British children are taught to despise British culture.’

She added:

‘Anyone who reads this report and feels apprehensive then I would suggest to them that they walk into any Muslim school. Go and speak to them, the headteacher and the students. You might be pleasantly surprised that this is not the case.’


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