Posted by: the watchmen | February 12, 2009

Schoolgirl harrassed by teacher for speajing about Jesus.___Premier News.

Don’t talk about Jesus!

Schoolgirl told not to talk about Jesus
It’s reported a five year old girl’s been told off by a teacher for telling a friend about Jesus.

Jasmine Cain was said to have been left in tears at Landscore Primary School in Devon after being taken aside during a class.

But her mother, Jennie Cain, a receptionist at the school now faces an investigation after sending an email to friends asking them to pray for the situation.

The Christian Institute is supporting the family. Spokesman Simon Calvert tells Premier he can’t believe action’s being taken over such a small matter:

“As for why the school is doing it, it’s anyone’s guess. It may be personal agendas against Christians. More likely it’s that you have equality and diversity requirements that are rammed down our throats day in day out and they are creating a climate that is neither equal nor diverse.”

Mrs Cain sought support from close friends at her church asking then to pray but the email was picked up by the school’s headmaster, Gary Read.

The mother of two was disciplined after being told she had behaved unprofessionally for making claims against the school and staff members. But the 38-year-old says she feels angry at the way the school has treated her and she is not the kind of person to force her faith on others.

Mrs Cain found out about what had happened to her daughter on January the twenty second but waited until she wasn’t working to discuss the issue with the teacher involved, Sharon Gottelier. She was called into Mr Read’s office because the headteacher was unhappy over her dicussing her faith.

The news comes as a number of incidents have emerged concerning Christians being discriminated against.

Last week, nurse Caroline Petrie was told she would be allowed to return to work after she had been suspended from her job for offering to pray for a patient.

Mr Calvert from the Christian Institue added:

“Case after case is demonstrating that it is Christians that are coming off worse under the so called equality and diversity regime.” Premier has contacted Landscore Primary School and is waiting for a response.



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