Posted by: the watchmen | February 7, 2009

Truth again vindicated!

Victory for Christian Nurse
The nurse who was suspended for offering to pray for a patient’s recovery has been allowed back to work.

Caroline Petrie from Somerset was suspended back in December after visiting an elderly woman at her home even though the patient was not offended and made no complaint.

Ms Petrie was called to a disciplinary by North Somerset Primary Care Trust on the grounds that she had failed to demonstrate a “personal and professional commitment to equality and diversity”. But in a turn around the trust says she’s now welcome to return to work.

They found that Mrs Petrie had acted in the best interests of her patients and that nurses could “continue to offer high-quality care for patients while remaining committed to their beliefs”.

Peter Saunders is the General Secretary of the Christian Medical Fellowship. On hearing Caroline’s news he said:

“It is the right decision. She’s had huge amount of support from around the country from people with Christian faith and people with no faith and groups including Hospital Chaplains and the Royal College of Nursing. It’s good that’s she is back to work.”

The news comes as the NHS released a new guide on workers discussing religion at work. It says believers cannot share faith with colleagues or patients. Speaking about the new guidelines from the NHS Mr Saunders said that CMF is concerned about the number of cases brought to their attention:

“Health managers who are personally hostile to Christian faith or overly sensitive about political correctness are using equality and diversity policy as a pretext for bullying NHS staff who are Christians. This document is another worrying part of that trend.”

According to a document called Religion or Belief: A Practical Guide for the NHS, published by the Department of Health, any attempt by a doctor or nurse to share their faith at work could now be considered harassment.


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