Posted by: the watchmen | January 16, 2009

Jim Allister hits out at homosexual partnerships.

TUV leader Jim Allister has attacked civil partnerships during a speech in the European Parliament.
Mr Allister denounced Europe-wide recognition of civil partnerships as equal to marriage.

“A society consumed by ‘rights’ is a ‘give me, give me’ society which has lost its balance,” Mr Allister said.

“It is this which drives the demand [of the EU report being debated] for equality between regularly married couples and homosexual relationships.

“The natural order is man and woman. We pervert it when we demand equality for its very antithesis.”

Mr Allister said that he was not afraid of potential controversy.

“Unfashionable as it may be, I unashamedly declare that the unnatural partnership between same sex couples is not something to which I as a legislator consent,” he said.

“Are my rights to espouse that position any less than those who demand the opposite – in the intolerant climate of this debate, it seems so.”


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