Posted by: the watchmen | January 11, 2009

“Grandest”Evidence of Creation.

Dear Special Friend of Creation Truth,

Though the Grand Canyon is a magnificent monument to catastrophic change – pointing to the after-effects of the cataclysmic flood of Genesis – this view is denounced and ridiculed by today’s scientific establishment. This amounts to an attack on free speech as well as a put-down of Bible-believing Christians. Have you noticed that “creationist” and “fundamentalist” have become pejorative terms among secular elites, akin to calling someone ignorant?

We’ve heard a lot about “change” in the last presidential campaign. As creationists, we understand real change. Change – especially rapid change – is what we see in any honest appraisal of earth history.

Creationists know that the earth has been radically changed from what it once was. As the global flood waters receded from the earth’s surface, the present continents emerged. Soft, waterlogged soils – under horizontal compression and uplift forces – buckled into mountain ranges, leaving rock strata hundreds of feet thick that are bent and tightly folded (not broken) into what are known as synclines and anticlines. The clearest explanation for the rock strata visible in the earth and on the walls of canyons and mountains all over the world is for their original deposition as soft, muddy soils from extensive and thorough flooding.

Rapid formation of many geologic features is actually standard phenomena, as we see around the world on a much smaller scale than the global cataclysm of Genesis 7 – 9. For example, in 1980 the volcanic Mount St. Helens in the state of Washington exploded, melting huge volumes of ice and snow, emptying an entire lake and sending water and mud flows down-slope. This rapidly created a canyon one-fortieth the size of the Grand Canyon, complete with 100-foot walls layered with sedimentary rock.

And when you consider that many of the rock layers throughout the world contain millions of fossilized plants and animals, this testifies to their rapid burial under the pressures of a huge flood. When dead organisms remain unburied and exposed, they disintegrate and decay to dust. But with so much liquefied soil and mud movement in a huge flood, rapid burial of billions of organisms – with fine delicate details preserved – are found in the fossil record worldwide. To preserve the fragile fossil detail, they had to have been buried deeply with great rapidity, and the ocean mud accumulation of today is simply not fast enough.

Creationist analysis and interpretation of such straightforward evidence is indeed ridiculed and “expelled” from academic discourse. Ben Stein’s documentary film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed effectively made this same point for Intelligent Design.

This fall, one of Hollywood’s many anti-Christian propagandists came out with his own documentary film – Religulous – a word synthesized from “religion” and “ridiculous”. Presented as an investigative documentary on religion, Bill Maher’s film is merely another attempt to ridicule Bible-believers. Rather than make logical arguments, the film primarily pokes fun at people through personal attacks.

Why all the effort to exclude, denounce and ridicule creationists and conservative Christians? Well, the Bible says that the spirit of this world – along with human nature – is at enmity with the Spirit of God. You see, the Spirit of God brings conviction – conviction of sin and unbelief. And whenever the truth about God is preached – including creation truth – the spirit of this world rises up to attack it in snide sophistication and outright hatred.

The biblical God has rules which Maher admits interfere with his sex life. Ah… there’s the point! Atheistic evolution and irreligion give people a motive for disbelieving in a God who would constrain their sexual desires and fantasies. Films like Religulous are made because the world feels the need to dodge the conviction that only the God of the Bible brings.

At Creation Moments, we understand our mission and ministry to keep proclaiming the evidence for truth – in spite of it being outside worldly sophistication, academia and media. And our ministry, in spite of our limited resources, is greatly effective and appreciated, as the Spirit of God uses it to enable and strengthen the faith of many folks worldwide:

“I LOVE Creation Moments in every form you have made it available! It is one of the best gifts that God has graced my life with.” – C.T.
“Just a note to let you know how fascinating I find all your materials. It makes God more personal and very real. It really strengthens my faith in the truth of His Word.” – T.O.
“I don’t know what would have happened in my life had it not been for the materials I read from Creation Moments!” – S.S.

As you know, we cannot operate this ministry alone. We need you, our partners, to keep spreading the gospel and the truth of biblical creation. Thank you for your prayers and gifts to this critical ministry of truth! May God bless you and make His face to shine upon you and give you peace in this New Year!

Yours in Christ,

Mark Cadwallader
Board Chairman


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