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Religious and irreligious wars.____Zarove

barthelomeous> The red hand of atheism
> By Vox Day.
> Posted: December 29, 2008
> 1:00 am Eastern
> © 2008
> In “The Irrational Atheist,” I conclusively demonstrated the falsehood of
> the common atheist calumny that religion is a primary cause of war. Any
> examination of either military history or military strategy will suffice
> to prove that while there have been a small number of religious wars
> throughout recorded history, most wars did not involve religion and most
> religions have not inspired military conflict. Indeed, to claim that
> religion causes war is tantamount to confessing one’s near-complete
> ignorance of the historical record.
> While most literate individuals are aware of the atheism of mass
> murderers such as Josef Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Tse-Tung, they are not
> aware of how many other atheist leaders have been responsible for mass
> murder. In one of the book’s appendices, I provided a list of 49 other
> atheist leaders who had overseen the slaughter of at least 20,000
> individuals; these 52 leaders represent the majority of atheists who have
> ever held supreme political power. This number is particularly striking
> when one considers the fact that the Christian king responsible for what
> was considered the worst crime in Christendom’s Wars of Religion, the
> Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre, died regretting his role in the deaths
> of an estimated 10,000 French Huegenots.
> And yet, the scale of King Charles IX’s crime is but a fraction of the
> great crimes of the 20th century anti-religious atheist zealots; it is
> also vastly overshadowed by history’s very first atheist-influenced
> regime. Although it has largely been whitewashed by a France that still
> reveres its Revolution and is therefore little known in comparison with
> the Revolutionary regime’s more notorious crimes, the story of the
> Committee for Public Safety’s decision to slaughter the Vendéean people,
> who dared to resist the ordered closure of their churches, is finally
> beginning to be told thanks to a bold French aristocrat.
> In early 1794 – at the height of the Reign of Terror – French soldiers
> marched to the Atlantic Vendée, where peasants had risen up against the
> Revolutionary government in Paris. Twelve “infernal columns” commanded by
> Gen. Louis-Marie Turreau were ordered to kill everyone and everything
> they saw. Thousands of people – including women and children – were
> massacred in cold blood, and farms and villages torched. . “There was in
> the Revolution a clearly stated programme to wipe out the Vendéean race,”
> said Philippe de Villiers, European deputy and former presidential
> candidate for the right-wing traditionalist Movement for France, or MPF,
> Party. “Why did it take place? Because a people was chosen to be
> liquidated on account of their religious faith.”
> – The Daily Telegraph, Dec. 26, 2008

Watchmen’s Note.
And yet it must be mentioned of the estimated fifty million people in the world who were done to death by the Papacy since the middle ages,approximately 100,000 of them from Ireland


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