Posted by: the watchmen | December 25, 2008

Greetings from Tennessee.

TIS THE SEASON, Christmas again warms the hearts and minds of men n
Earth, in Annual celebration of the Birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus
the Christ.
Writing this on the Eve of Christmas, 2008, in Tennessee, where the rain
falls over a mild winter day of only 54 Degrees Fahrenheit, but aware of
other places and other temperatures, all showing the wondrous range of
the season, for all of Humanity.
But one place, and one time, many years ago, is the reason for this
Long ago, in Bethlehem, two travellers arrived, there for a Roman Census,
ordered to return to their own home city to be counted. A Husband, and
his wife, but the wife was great with Child. Yet she was still a Virgin.
This was the Christ Child, who she carried, and who was foretold so many
years even before this. He would be born to reign as King of the whole
world, and to save men from their sins and burdens. His Birth heralded a
new age, an age of peace and harmony, if only we would follow his
teachings and example, and, later, his Sacrifice we accept. But for now,
a babe only he was, but a special Babe with a great and awesome destiny.
For on that day so long ago, Jesus the Christ was Born King of all
Israel, and the world, and then the Angels proclaimed Joy to the world,
for peace and good will was bestowed upon it, and God had entered the
world to be a part of it, and reconcile the lost and fallen world to
This is the meaning of our Celebrations.
So when we enter into this season, gathered with family and friends,
exchanging gifts and Mirth, let us not forget that Babe in the Manger,
whose birth is what we celebrate, and whose life gave us the teachings
that honour Love and Humility and all Virtue.
So, from me to anyone else, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. May it be
well, and God bless us all. Zarove, 2008.


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