Posted by: the watchmen | December 23, 2008

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Pope sparks controversy with remarks on sexuality

Protecting people from homosexuality and transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction according to the Pope.

Pope Benedict XVI sparked controversy with his comments when delivering his end-of-year address to senior Vatican staff.

He said the Roman Catholic Church had a duty to “protect man from the destruction of himself” and urged respect for the “nature of the human being as man and woman.”

It was not “out-of-date metaphysics” to “speak of human nature as ‘man’ or woman'”, he said. It came from the “language of creation, despising which would mean self-destruction for humans”.

Gender theories, he said, led to man’s “auto-emancipation” from creation and Creator. The Pontiff added:

“The tropical forests do deserve our protection. But man, as a creature, does not deserve any less.”

His remarks were furiously denounced as “totally irresponsible and unacceptable in any shape or form” by the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.

Revd Sharon Ferguson, head of the LGCH said the Pope’s remarks justified “gay bashing” and bullying. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that, while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are.

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Other headlines

Over a quarter of teachers want creationism in science lessons

More than a-third of science teachers want creationism taught in schools.

It’s an issue that’s split staff for years.

Police visit schools every day to deal with violence

Unions are insisting schools in England are safe despite seven thousand violent incidents.

Police had to be called out to deal with all those cases last year.

Premier research shows Christmas is the time for inviting friends to church

Eight in 10 Christians are using the festive season to invite friends along to church.

But it seems Anglicans and Catholics have some catching up to do.

Tsunami appeal draws to a close

Oxfam says it will finish its relief response to the Indian Ocean tsunami at the end of the month.

Two-hundred-and-thirty-thousand people were killed in the Boxing Day disaster four years ago.


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