Posted by: the watchmen | December 13, 2008

IRA Victims to claim from Gadaffi.



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Published Date: 12 December 2008

IRA victims are planning to go to Libya to confront Colonel Gaddafi over their demands for compensation for his country’s sponsorship of terrorism.
Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (FAIR) are looking into the possibility of visiting Tripoli, after Prime Minster Gordon Brown this week did a U-turn and said he would support their search for justice.

Mr Brown met representatives of FAIR and


the DUP and recognised their call for the UK diplomatic corps to weigh in behind the victims – just as the US administration did for its citizens.

America agreed an out-of-court settlement which has seen Libya create a $2.7 billion fund for Americans who were injured or lost loved ones in attacks on US targets linked to Gaddafi money.

FAIR director William Frazer said: “We have now decided to put a delegation together to travel to Libya to speak to the Libyan government and hopefully with Col Gaddafi himself.

“The delegation will consist of victims and MPs from Northern Ireland and the mainland. There has been a great interest shown by some members of the House of Lords who would also like to travel with us.”

FAIR has been a pivotal factor in not letting the Ulster victims’ case die.

Mr Frazer added: “It is good to see our people united for a cause like this which is about getting justice and recognition for the innocent victims of terrorist atrocities irrespective of their religion.

“Now that the Prime Minister has taken us seriously, hopefully, when we approach the Libyan government, they will see that we are not going to go away.”


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