Posted by: the watchmen | November 29, 2008

Petition against blasphemy.

The Liberal Democrat culture spokesman, Peter Black AM, has invited the poet Patrick Jones to insult Jesus Christ in the Welsh National Assembly If the event goes ahead the militant atheist will read his poems – which insult Jesus Christ and call for an end to Christian worship – in Committee Room 24 of the Assembly at 12 noon on Thursday 11th December.

Black has gone out of his way to show contempt for Christians in Wales. We seek a united front from the Church in Wales condemning this provocative act by Peter Black AM. If you are in agreement that the proposed event should not go ahead then please sign the petition – the link is below…. 


After you have signed you will be shown a page where it asks for a voluntary donation… can just exit the page when that comes up, your petition has been signed



  1. May God honour your petition as you honour Him

  2. I singed off. This is an outrage.He would never have permitted anyone elses beliefs be trashed like this in a Public building.

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