Posted by: the watchmen | November 18, 2008

What was HIS price?


‘Pro-Life’ Socialist MP Betrays the Unborn

A prominent member of the UK’s Parliamentary All-Party Pro-Life Group (APPPLG) signed a letter endorsing US President-elect, Barack Obama, two weeks before the election; he did so despite the fact that Obama had been identified by ourselves and others as the most pro-abortion presidential candidate in US history.

The LifeLeague says: Jim Dobbin MP should hang his head in shame for this disgusting move.  We recommend that you click here and urge him to rethink his position.  Click here to contact the All Party Pro-Life Parliamentary Group, urge them to kick out Jim Dobbin MP if he remains unrepentant.




  1. Its no surprise to me, given that many Christians over here actually voted for Mr. Obama.

    It seems his well crafted image, and soaring rhetoric about Hope and change, and the image of a devastated, morally and economically bankrupt nation brought on by the evil and incompetent Bush administration plays into his knight in shining armour image, an image in which he is an intelligent, articulate man who want sot transform America and the world into a new Paradise.

    This image always on our emotion and our desire for a better world is admirable, but its all Obama is, given he has no experience and no past record of anything but liberal elitism and activism.

    America will rue the day he was elected soon enough, as will the world, unless Europe is too far gone to realise ow bad this is for them. Its one thing form them to mire in cultural decay, they economically and militarily depend on the US, but if the US falls into the same trap as they are in, they are doomed.

    Still, Many Here in the States and Abroad seem blinded by the bright shining light and smoke and mirrors, and see in Obama what they desire to see. He is popular now and it is popular to support him.

    Perhaps Minister Dobbin is simply following the trend, and the emotional appeal, and not really thinking this through.

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