Posted by: the watchmen | November 12, 2008

Neo-conservativism_____submitted by Zarove Eternius.

Posted: November 10, 2008
1:00 am Eastern
By David Hanson
© 2008  World Net Daily.
The dust has settled. The glow of the stadium lights has faded. Thus concludes the latest season of “American Statist.” Wasn’t that a warm and fuzzy ending? I kind of liked the part when the liberal neoconservatives who hijacked the Republican Party were totally repudiated. No longer able to feed at the Beltway trough, many of them are now out of work. I hear Russia’s hiring.
No one can deny the beauty of the narrative that sees a young African-American winning the presidency. However, the philosophy of liberty compels that we ultimately see things in a colorblind manner. After all, the Obama administration’s definition lies not in its race, creed, age or gender. Rather, it rests in the actions of an individual. We in the liberty movement will certainly be watching – and working.
But what of the Republican Party? Perhaps I can caution a suggestion worthy of consideration. Republicans must reject any return of liberal neoconservatism that has so entrenched itself in the collective cogs of the party machine. Whatever dangers an Obama presidency may pose to our liberty can be directly laid at the feet of this totally discredited false-conservative philosophy.
When Obama spends trillions in subsidizing foreign regimes, when he exhausts our military while trying to create some global utopia of democratic revolution, blame neoconservatism.
When we see billions in new bailouts going to industrial nationalization and other corporate welfare projects, blame neoconservatism.
When the most radically left administration in our history has the power to wiretap and warrantlessly search Americans and places of worship, blame neoconservatism.
When Obama can create laws via executive fiat, suspend habeas corpus, change laws through signing statements and disregard transparency, blame neoconservatism.
When more of our sovereignty is ceded to global institutions, blame neoconservatism.
When our borders are left wide open, fomenting cultural tensions and draining economic resources, blame neoconservatism.
When federal funding of abortion continues, blame neoconservatism.
When the Department of Education enhances its power to “mis-educate” our children, blame neoconservatism.
When the push for a national ID card intensifies, blame neoconservatism.
When our national debt and entitlement spending increases, blame neoconservatism.
When inflation ravages the purchasing power of our dollars, blame neoconservatism.
Neoconservatism gave government these powers.
Obviously, we should pay no attention to neocon slanderers desperate to cling to influence. Despite what they say, the Democratic Party’s takeover is not social conservatism’s fault – nor is it fiscal conservatism’s fault. No, it’s the fault of fraudulent, morally bankrupt Republican leadership.
Conservatives are desperate for some remote semblance of principled direction. Many a voice will attempt to tickle ears. But we must find leadership based not on mere fallen men and their promises to right the nation’s ills through government action. Instead, we must rediscover a singular, abandoned quality to define the future of conservatism: restraint.
Restraint of man’s innate hunger to acquire and wield more power over others.
Restraint from the temptation to combat leftist ideology with right-wing government expansion.
Restraint from the notion that, rather than Providence, it is government’s job to police the inner-workings of an entire world.
Restraint from the idea that the state must force other civilizations to think as we think and govern as we govern.
Restraint from replacing voluntary redemptive grace with the force of “national greatness” doctrine.
Restraint from the acceptance of man’s surveillance to keep us safe.
Restraint from the bait of pitiful foreign thugs bent on dragging us into their no-win, never-ending traps.
Restraint from the idolatry of faith in country for salvation.
Restraint from the manipulation of money.
Restraint from the insistence on government management of God-given wealth.
Restraint from bending constitutional rules when politically expedient.
Restraint from greed, lust, hate and excess.
America, this is conservatism. This is the path to peace and liberty, faith and humility, grace and honor. How then shall we find this road less traveled, this path so long forgotten?
God sends national guidance from the most unlikely of sources. For instance, I happen to know of a little old country doctor who might just be of help.
Engage the next few years of uncertainty with this token of solace: God shines brightest during societal austerity. In our weakness, His power is made known.

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