Posted by: the watchmen | November 7, 2008

Is this the American Dream???______Zarove Eternus

know, America has elected Barrack Hussein Obama as the 44th
President of the United States.

President Obama rode the wave of emotion, using his race to guilt people
into voting for him whilst empowering blacks, and his charm to get the
unmarried women to vote for him, and of course the Unpopular Presidency of

His scandals where ignored and covered upon by the media, and endless
praise from around the world met him.

Yet, Obama has done nothing in his life to suggest he will make a good
President. He’s never even worked a real job.

He is 100% For Abortion, even partial Birth, and for allowing those born
due to botch abortions to die. He’s for a tax policy that redistributes
the wealth, based on the greed concept that somehow if a man has more
money than me I deserve it, and am being exploited. Its really just a
shelter for envy, the claim that I don’t need to work for the money, the
rich can give me theirs.

His counterfeit morality and endless chants like “Yes we can” are
reminiscent of Hitler and the Third Reich, and his Change polices are the
most liberal the US has ever known, and will push us into the same
direction as Europe, all while the world cheers. Cheering, that is, until
they realise a weakened and impoverished America is the result, and
Obamas America will be impotent to protect Europe from Russian and
Chinese aggression.

We truly are swept away by appearances and rhetoric, and evil usually
gets its place. I never understood this.

This is why I am a Monarchist. Even in this age of Democracy, I see no
value in Democracy, even though I was reared in it.

Worse still, the Democrats now control both Houses, and can pass this
ungodly and evil agenda.

Pray for the United States, and the world, now that the evil has completely
taken over all but Ireland North and South, and pressure mounts on
Ireland to embrace the evils.


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