Posted by: the watchmen | October 10, 2008

Bank Robber Goes Free.

 We told you so! Just a few weeks ago when the trial ofNorthern Bank executive and “insider” Christopher Ward began for carrying out the largest bank robbery in Ulster’s history,practically every one  in this country was fully aware that he was, as we say over here as “guilty as sin.”The raid was carried out in broad day light and lasted for several hours with several hundreds of downtown Belfast shoppers looking on
Not only did Republican Mr. Ward carry out the twenty five million pound heist with impeccable precision; he organised the rotas thus ensuring that the “right”people would be on security that day.
The three week trial ended yesterday with the Prosecution offering no further evidence and the Judge directing the Jury to return a Not Guilty verdict thus adding to the grave concern that the judiciary here is in the pocket of very evil forces indeed.
In order to placate militant Roman Catholic republicanism there is no depth to which the British government and the Northern Ireland Office will not plummet. Deceit, subterfuge and betrayal have now been accepted by many who once stood firm for God and Ulster.

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