Posted by: the watchmen | September 25, 2008

Evolution.____________Tom McIvor.




The Whole Truth about Evolution.


It is obvious that Beagle (Write Back, September 16) doesn’t pay too much attention to detail or check the facts which goes some way to explaining why he/she finds no problems with evolution.



Beagle states that those I quoted in my previous letter are ‘evolution-deniers’ who are ‘firmly in the camp of Creationism and Intelligent Design’.

I quoted John Ross, even pointing out that he is an evolutionist. I quoted Richard Lewontin, an evolutionist, who admits that the scientific evidence doesn’t support evolution but he still accepts it because of his world view.

The only creationist I mentioned in my last letter was Andy McIntosh. Sir Fred Hoyle, mathematician and astronomer, was an atheist and he said that evolution was about as likely as an explosion in a junkyard was to produce a jumbo jet — one of many evolution deniers who don’t fit Beagle’s categorisation.

Beagle obviously chooses to ignore the fact that in all the scientific fields he mentions, there are more logically and scientifically consistent explanations of the data than that normally claimed. Space does not allow discussion of all these in this letter but geology examples illustrate the point.

Modern day observation shows that geological layers can be laid down in a short space of time and do not need the claimed millions of years. Following the eruption of Mount St Helens in Washington State in May 1980, eight metres deep of layered sediment were observed to form in a single afternoon.

It is easy for Beagle to make generalised statements in letters — defending them with detail is a different matter. Beagle’s rhetoric is amusing but proves nothing — scientific debate would be much more helpful. Creationists, Intelligent Design advocates and many others who are in neither camp but study science will continue to point out the many problems with evolution because they wish to separate facts from fiction and establish the truth.




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