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Creation and Evolution____David Wright.


Bible’s unchanging truths outweigh the views of scientist

Published Date: 19 September 2008

Bible’s unchanging Truth outweigh the view of scientist.

How are we to take evolutionists arguments seriously if they can’t even read what is written in the Bible?
Agnostic (letter September 15) has Jesus showing the devil the kingdoms of the world – that’s not how I read Luke 4 v 5. What a passage of scripture to misquote because in verse three the devil acknowledges Jesus as the creator.

I agree with Agnonistic


that creationism is not science, but then neither is evolution. Both are simply models for interpreting the same scientific data.

On the same day, News Letter columnist Alex Kane has his chuckles about the debate gathering pace across the water. I wonder why there is such interest? But there is little difference between the man who cannot read and the one who doesn’t read good books.

He comes out with the statement “that the official Biblical line was that the earth was flat”. That’s not what Isaiah 40 v 22 says.

The church believed the scriptures until the third and fourth centuries, but then the compromisers took on pagan beliefs culminating in the dark ages when the “church” and scientists believed the earth was flat. That was never the Biblical position.

It was only when Biblical truth resurfaced at the Protestant Reformation that real knowledge, culture, truth and good science resurfaced. The compromisers are again setting out on the same downward path in Europe with evolutionary interpretation.

In every other continent, Bible believing-Christianity is on the increase and unchanging truth is being embraced. Science sincerely believed mount Goodwin was the highest mountain in the world until Mount Everest was discovered. Many have yet to discover the high ground of Biblical truth.

The current debate obviously is creating interest because man knows himself to be more than randomly assembled chemicals.

David Wright

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