Posted by: the watchmen | September 12, 2008

The Evolution Hoax.


Evolution debate needs facts, not fairy tales


Thursday, 11 September 2008




The definition of the Second Law of Thermodynamics is much wider than that given by Beagle (Write Back, September 4).


Energy transfer is not a 100% efficient process so usable energy is lost in the process. This leads to increasing entropy which can be defined as randomness or disorder.

Harvard scientist John Ross, an evolutionist, states that the thermodynamic laws apply equally well to open systems.

Beagle’s claim about the sun’s energy does not help. Raw energy cannot generate the specified complex information in living things.

Undirected energy just speeds up destruction.

Just standing out in the sun won’t make you more complex.

If you stood in the sun too long, you would get skin cancer, because the sun’s undirected energy will cause mutations.

In a Radio Ulster debate with Richard Dawkins, Andy McIntosh, professor of thermodynamics at Leeds University, stated that evolution contradicted the Second Law. Dawkins responded with a vitriolic personal attack. If there is a valid scientific rebuttal, why didn’t Dawkins use it?

The view that evolution is driven by an atheistic worldview is supported by Dawkins’ claim that it ‘enables him to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist’.

One of the most revealing statements about the lack of a true scientific foundation for evolution comes from another Harvard scientist, Richard Lewontin.

He admits that belief in evolution is not driven by scientific evidence (indeed, he says scientists will accept just-so stories to convince themselves and others of evolution) but by ‘a prior commitment to materialism’ because they ‘cannot allow a Divine foot in the door’.

Beagle needs to sniff out actual scientific facts rather than swallow speculation or fairy tale explanations of those facts.


Tom McIvor



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