Posted by: the watchmen | September 10, 2008

Bank Raid or Donation?.

Northern bank rota ‘was changed’
Christopher Ward appeared at Belfast Crown Court

THE man accused of the £26.5 million Northern Bank robbery made last minute changes to a key rota to ensure he was in charge, a court has been told.
Bank employee at the time, Christopher Ward, 26, appeared at Belfast Crown Court on Tuesday.

The trial had supposed to start on Monday, however, an additional 24 hours was granted as both the defence and prosecution asked for more time to settle outstanding issues concerning evidence.

Mr Ward, of Colinmill in Poleglass pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a total of three charges.

The accused denies charges of robbing the bank in Belfast city centre and of imprisioning bank employee Kevin McMullan and his wife.

Acting on behalf of the prosecution, Gordon Kerr QC told the court Ward was in charge of drawing up the rota and made changes late on a Friday afternoon to put himself on duty on the late shift the following Monday with a senior keyholder manager in the Cash Centre who also made a swap to help out a colleague.

The robbery in 2004 was one of the biggest in British banking history and caused a furore in the political process.

PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde claimed the robbery was carried out by the IRA – which is still denied to this day by Sinn Fein.

The trial – expected to be lengthy – is being held under the Diplock system where the judge sits without a jury

_________And he will undoubtedly get away with it!. They all do.

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