Posted by: the watchmen | August 17, 2008

Truth v Evolution.


Evolution is not law


Saturday, 16 August 2008



William Crawley is to be congratulated at least for enabling Radio Ulster listeners to hear Professor Dawkins totally discredit both himself and his decrepit and dying views on evolution and Darwinism.


While not putting forward one scintilla of evidence for his worn out theories, he did, in his typically un-gentlemanly fashion, attempt to deride all who disagreed with him.

Ranging from Moses who was ‘a mere camel herder’, through Lady Hope, whom he criticised, and the hundreds of Creationist PhDs and others ‘who didn’t know what they were talking about’. Near the end of his diatribe he compared his theories with the law of gravity.

Come now, Professor. Where have you heard mention of the law of evolution? Of course not!

The man-made theory of evolution is becoming increasingly unacceptable to the scientific community. And why not, since no evolutionary scientist can adequately explain where that first cell came from?

Jim Murdock


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