Posted by: the watchmen | July 29, 2008

The BBC.________Zarove Eternus.

I would also like to note this. The BBC is a global broadcaster, and, from
time to time, I have seen it, but have no interest in it of late.

Is it just me or is the BBC, a supposedly neutral company, obviously
pro-Labour, Pro-European Union, and extremely left wing?

They also have a not-too-thinly veiled hatred of Christianity.

Receiving only a few hundred complaints, they refused to air a play that
would upset Sikhs, because it depicted a Murder in one of their temples.
Receiving 50’000 complaints, they ignored the public reaction and aired
“Jerry Springer: The Opera” which was outright designed to blaspheme
Christianity, by depicting Mary as “Raped by God” and Jesus as a rather
unpleasant, slightly gay fool. God of course comes off badly as well.

Then there’s the recent Bonekickers Episode where we are treated to a
history lesson and shown modern parallels. The first episode involved
the Knights Templar who , according tot he show, had a fancy for killing
Muslims. They depicted he Crusades overall as a war of aggression against
Muslims by Christians, for no good reason. The Modern parallel was that
the fictional White Wing Alliance was an extremist Christian group that
even hacked off the head of a peaceful Muslim Character, who had said
they could live in peace.

Would they show any other religion in this sort of hateful light?

Of course, even an old Favourite of mine, Doctor Who,  which use to be
benign in its older incarnation, has taken jabs at religion, and promoted
the “tolerance and diversity” angle which is only tolerant of sexual
deviancy and atheism, and has become rather darker and less moral than
the original show.

Its psinoff torchwood is basically light porn, with everyone being
bisexual and having sex with everyone else in every episode while they
curse like sailors.

The BBC News is no better, with obvious bias in favour of the EU,
Palestinians, and Labour, and contempt for traditional Christian groups
and moral values, hatred of Americans, and obvious fondness for left wing
“progressive” politics. It’s harldy neutral.

What became of the BBC?

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