Posted by: the watchmen | July 23, 2008

God’s Rule Book._____________Paul Kokoski, Canada

Bible helps to preserve our basic freedoms


Tuesday, 22 July 2008



Iris Robinson could not be more correct in claiming that the duty of government is to ‘uphold God’s law’.



If God doesn’t set the standard for human behaviour who does? The Government? Then we would end up with a totalitarian regime. Individuals? Then we end up with anarchy.

PUP leader Dawn Purvis is wrong to suggest religion should be excluded from day-to-day politics. Where this has happened nihilist laws have been introduced to sanction the holocaust of abortion and homosexuality which thwarts the natural generation of life, and which leads to the spreading of Aids and the destruction of the family. The Bible does not go against fundamental freedoms and human rights but authenticates them properly understood.

The fact that there are radically different interpretations is not due to anything that appears in the Bible. On the contrary, it is due to secularist thinking — the kind that cannot accept the truth and therefore has decided to separate God’s laws from the state and ultimately the people. I give the DUP’s Iris Robinson a strong vote of confidence and all of Ireland should do the same. The nation’s very existence may depend on it.

Paul Kokoski



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