Posted by: the watchmen | July 11, 2008

She refused to” marry” sodomites.—–Premieer News


Miss Ladele hailed her victory as “a triumph”

Christian registrar wins case against council

A Christian registrar who refused to conduct same sex ceremonies because of her faith has won a landmark legal battle.

Lillian Ladele, 47, was bullied and threatened with the sack by Islington Council for asking to be excused from such occasions.

The Council said it would send out the wrong message if Miss Ladele was exempted and her claim had outraged gay rights groups.

But the Central London Employment Tribunal upheld Miss Ladele’s claims of discrimination and harassment. Miss Ladele heralded her victory as a “triumph of religious liberty.”

The tribunal said that: “Islington Council rightly considered the importance of the right of the gay community not to be discriminated against but did not consider the right of Miss Ladele as a member of a religious group.”

The outcome of this case could encourage many other registrars who feel they cannot act against their consciences or with strong beliefs, to follow Miss Ladele’s example.


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