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Battle of The Diamond 2008

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“Battle of the Diamond 2008!”

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Sunday night witnessed the latest battle at the diamond. Ian Paisley traditionally speaks at the Diamond every July, however this year he faced opposition that ensured his speech could not be heard.

Mr Paisley arrived at the service surrounded by personal security and PSNI but did not leave his car until the service had commenced clearly hoping to avoid any protestors before the service. (Mrs Delila) Paisley remained in the car throughout the whole event. Thee woman who convinced him to enter government with the IRA was unwilling to face the public!

As Ian Paisley approached the mircophone a banner was unveiled in the middle of the 150 crowd. (The numbers had dramatically reduced since previous years, evidence of reducing support for the DUP. The crowd was largely made up of DUP political identities including David Samson former strong man of Portadown, James Tinsley, Edwin Poots, Willy Irwin, Stephen Moutray and other councillors) The banner read ‘No Terrrorists in Government’. Immediately those protesting and holding the banner were attacked by members of the crowd. Six young men pulled at the banner and kicked those protesting in a vile attempt to remove the banner and the voice of victims of the IRA.

Police arrived on the scene and managed to stand between the two factions but the small hardcore of Paisley supporters continued shouting and when possible pushing at protestors. While those protesting did shout over Paisley they did not begin or maintain the physical pushing and kicking of which the Paisley supporters commenced.

While the Paisley hardcore claim that the service was to preach the gospel and that no protest should have occured the protestors can point to the physical assaults of the Paisley hardcore who attempted to derail a peaceful protest.

Those who once claimed to be the moral voice of Ulster have been exposed as they adopted the bully boy tactics of their comrades in the IRA to silence opposition.

One protestor stated: ‘I went to participate in a peaceful protest. In the past I followed Dr. Paisley everywhere and was a staunch supporter. I feel betrayed and wanted him to see my hurt. Unfortunately his new supporters turned the protest into a brawl, their behaviour was disguisting. Nevertheless I am proud to have been their to stand against the lies of that man. He should not be preaching the gospel he has done more harm to it than any other man in Ulster!’

As Paisley left the stage the PSNI attempted to hold the crowd back from his car but protestors managed to get over a grass verge to the car where they continued to tackle Paisley, asking why he had betrayed them. Mrs (Delia) Paisley crudely gestured to the protestors as the car sped off.

Ian Paisley will next wonder into the public sphere on the 12th of July at the Independant Orange Platform. Those who invited him should be ashamed. Nevertheless it will permit the ordinary Independant Orangemen an opportunity to demonstrate against the great betrayer once again!

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Disappointed in the Free Presbyterians that attacked the protest by pushing and kicking. They let their denomination down badly and should be ashamed of their behaviour.

The Free church was born out of protest they should remember that before assaulting those who reject murders in government.

07 July 2008 15:09

Anonymous True Loyalist said…
V4D supporting a protest led by a pipebomb ‘pastor’.

Such hypocrisy from so-called Christians.

They are the people who should be ashamed of themselves.

Next they’ll be leaving death threats in elderly Cllr’s gardens….. oh wait… they’ve already done that.

07 July 2008 16:20

Anonymous Anonymous said…
I noticed Big Ian and his mates never attacked his IRA mates.

This is why Mc Guinness refered to Paisley as “my good friend”.

Scum thats the only name that describes the DUP/IRA/Paisley alliance.

07 July 2008 16:33

Anonymous overt said…
I read the following on a victims poster recently
“Hundreds of Orangemen won’t be talking to Gerry Adams this twelfth, his comrades in SF/IRA seen to that, they murdered them!”

Remember the Victims of SF/IRA terrorism.

Shame on the DUPers and those who negotiate with our enemies

07 July 2008 18:05

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Hope those individuals who assaulted the protesters have been identified and we will see how brave they are when they are’nt able to hide behind the police.

They should be living with their IRA bedfellows not in the Protestant community.

If these scoundrels go anywhere near a 12th parade or try and wear a collarette they should be hounded.

07 July 2008 18:19

Anonymous Anonymous said…
True Loyalist:

the man you refer to was not part of the main protest get your facts straight.

Well done to those who protested and were brave enough to stand up for what they believe in even though they were outnumbered.

Shame on those who attacked those protesting! thought this was a democracy… oh thats rights its not because we have murders controlling government

07 July 2008 18:27

Anonymous Anonymous said…
Thank you indeed for a terrific report of our protest at The Diamond last night

You covered every aspect of it and it is deeply appreciated.

I have done a piece for my own site at ;

07 July 2008 19:21



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