Posted by: the watchmen | July 5, 2008

Paisley protest!

Paisley to face protest at gospel rally



Published Date: 04 July 2008

Ian Paisley is to face a protest when he attends a gospel rally in Co Armagh this weekend.
The former Free Presbyterian Minister and DUP leader is due to preach at the annual event at the Diamond, near Loughall, on Sunday evening.
Last year, Mr Paisley was heckled by a group angered at his decision to share power with Sinn Fein.
The founder

of the Free Presbyterian Church has been preaching at the rally – which at its height attracted many thousands – since its inception in 1966.
A spokesman for the 13 Committee – which takes its name from what it
claims was an incorrect newspaper report which said 13 people protested last year – warned that the DUP MP would be given a hostile reception.
He said: “There will be a vigil, come protest against what Ian (Paisley) has done.
“We all loved him and have been heartbroken over how he ditched a lifetime of opposition to republican terrorism.
“We will be bringing witness to what he has done and bringing it to other people’s attention.”
The DUP does not comment on matters concerning the Free Presbyterian Church.
However Dr Paisley, in an interview to mark his stepping down as DUP leader and First Minister, said that while it saddened him that he had lost friends and followers over his decision to share power, he was certain that he had done the right thing.
He stressed that the Province was a more stable and peaceful place, that republicans were now disarmed and supporting the rule of law and the PSNI, and stability was providing grounds for prosperity.
Dr Paisley also insisted he had not broken any DUP manifesto pledges.


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