Posted by: the watchmen | June 19, 2008

Abomination in the Anglcan Communion!

The future of the Anglican Church hangs in the balance as conservative leaders gather today in Jerusalem.

Conservative Anglicans are coming together at The Global Anglican Futures Conference and will be discussing, among other issues, their outrage at what they believe to be the liberalisation of the Church.

Some have chosen to boycott the Lambeth Conference and plan to address the issue of homosexuality in the Church and the “crisis of authority” at the GAFCON meeting. Bishop of Lewes, the Right Reverend Wallace Benn will be part of the gathering. He said:

“There is, in the Anglican Communion, a battle going on for the soul of the church between those who believe the Bible and want to see the church live by the teachings of the Bible and those who want to accommodate the Bible to the sentiments and the views of the age in which we live.”

The meeting follows the decision of the Episcopal Church in the USA to ordain a gay bishop — a contentious move that has caused deep divisions in the worldwide church.

US Church leaders appointed Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003.


  1. What the Anglican Church needs is a good old fashioned Pope. Why are you crying? You wanted more freedom and formed your own church. What did you expect? Come back to Rome and enjoy traditional Christianity. No women priests, no openly gay priests….just nice old fashioned biblical Christianity. Look into your soul. For every Gene Robinson, there are 10 traditional Anglican gay bishops who remain in the closet doing their thing in secret. The Anglicans are lucky. They had better insurance companies who nipped their pedophilia scandal in the bud and put good policies in place before all the nasty stuff hit the news.

  2. How many left-handed children over the years were forced to use their right hands in school? Then criticized for not being able to write as well?

    We need only go back a few generations and it was common place for teachers to enlisted the rest of the class to “correct” a left-handed boy every time he was caught using that hand. The church told kids that the right side was the angels’ side, and the left side was the devil’s. They backed this up with scriptural teaching, that Christ had said the saved sheep would be placed on the right, and the lost goats would be placed on the left. (Matthew 25:23) Christ is depicted as sitting at the right hand of the father. (Acts 2:33) Sitting at the right hand, or being touched with the right hand, is traditionally thought of as the position of favor. (Genesis 48:17) So people had reason to use the Bible to condemn left-handed people.

    *begin sarcasm*

    Left-handers are clearly a minority. The world and society are set up for right handed people. Getting left-handers to change their natural inclination and use the “correct” side would only be doing them a favor, since they would no longer have to fight the tide. Certainly being required to accommodate left-handers presents an inconvenience. Making sure there are left-handed scissors available, changing the construction of school desks so that they are not biased toward right-handed students, taking extra time to teach left-handed students to position their paper in a way that would make it more comfortable for them to write. Why should the world change to accommodate a minority?
    *end sarcasm*

    Gay, left-handed, female, ethnic minority, any one of those can be preached against using Biblical or religious arguments. The simple truth is the bible can support any argument and can be skewed to benefit any view point. The stories in the bible may be the word of God but the bible was written by man, man is not infallible no perfect. Therefore by simple logic since the bible was physically written by man and man is not perfect the bible as we see it now must not be perfect. God told Adam not to eat from the tree and he still did. I highly doubt he had total control over those who wrote the bible.

    “I will smite thee for not putting a comma there!”

  3. Jesse, try giving Genesis and The Gospels another reading or two and I believe that you will emerge with a different picture.

    I think it is your failure to properly differeniate between the literal and the symbolic,that is creating the problem.

  4. “Come back to Rome and traditional Christianity,”

    you say. Where have you been hiding Pam ?.

    While there are some very bad things going on in the Anglican Communion, Rome with it’s apostate Christianity combined with the Ancient Mysteries is one thousand times worse!.

  5. Jesse, your logic fails for three reasons.

    1: There is no actual Biblical condemnaiton fo Left-Handedness.

    I know that Chilren use ot be taugt to use their right hand, but, The simple fact is that even the verses you mentioned do nto actlaly doemned the use of the left hand.

    Nor, inf act, where som of the arguments you said whre used to get rid of left handedness used to my knoledge

    On the other hand, Homosexuality is well established in both the Old and New Testaments to be sinful.

    No law in the Torah, and no words of Christ, and noen fo the Apostles, taught hat smeone who used their left hand over their right sinned.

    Yet we find in Scripture condemnaiton of Homosexuality.

    This marks a key difference.

    2: Speakign of which, you also seem to assopciate beign elft handed wth begn gay. both are natural inclinaitons that happen to emerge that arne’t the usual pattern.

    But is beign Gay a natural pattern or inclinaiton?

    Considerign that no actual researhc exists to shos it as such, and he Twin studies shwo that less than half of Identical twins share Homosexuality wht their siblign who shares heir DNA, this is stikingly different.

    Homosexuality isnt lile l;eft handidness. Its acutlaly comleltey different and invovled complexe behavioural triggers, it snot just a preference for a side.

    3: Homosexuality has also been mediclaly shown to be unhealthy. Left Handidness has not been. Beign left handed is also not shown to be linked ot mental health risks as has Homosexuality.

    4: The Bible is not what you depict either, and isn’t as easy to distort isfrrrad and understood.

    5: Females arnet a Minority, and again, beogn a woman isn tthe same as beign gay. One i a behaviour, the other isn’t.

    6: Im dyslexic, and Im tired of things lke my dyslexia, left handedness, or race beign somehow compared to a behavioural pattern that has been shown to be harmful and that has been overcome in the past by others.

    Why must you make such arguments?

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