Posted by: the watchmen | June 17, 2008

” Marriage” of two Anglican “priests”. Premier Radio.

The first gay marriage between two Anglican priests has taken place.

It’s believed two priests exchanged vows at St Bartholomew the Great in London last month.

The ceremony has been criticised for breaking guidelines of the Anglican Church, and it is said to have included the exchanging of vows and rings.

Revd Martin Dudley, who led the ceremony, said he disagrees with official Church guidance, which doesn’t allow homosexual ceremonies.

Chris Tapp from Christian charity Credit Action said it will hit Dr Rowan Williams hard.

“For the Archbishop of Canterbury he’s got a very tough job on his hands, keeping unity within the Anglican Communion. This is going to be a real blow I imagine, one that is going to stir a lot of the issues, a lot of the debate, a lot of the divisions within the Church of England.”

The act is expected to further widen the rift between liberals and conservatives and revive bitter debate among the Church over the issue of homosexuality.

Assemblies of God Pastor Bob Pull said the Church is now in a difficult situation.

“The difficulty in this particular case is that the Anglican Communion has particular rules, and the rules are there for all to abide in that organisation. But it just seems as though in trying to hold the church together, often rules are broken and nothing seems to be done about that.”

The Reverend Peter Cowell and the Reverend Dr David Lord had already registered their civil partnership before the ceremony.

Listen here for your 10 minutes of Christian news

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Margaret and Barry Mizen are preparing for their son’s funeral on Friday. Sixteen-year-old Jimmy was attacked in a bakery in south London last month.


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