Posted by: the watchmen | June 15, 2008

God’s Way or Man’s Way?_______Zarove Eternis.

Men shall not endure sound   doctrine. Neither shall they seek for the best cause. Men , when void of wise counsel, leading themselves, are easily controlled into a mob mentality, in which the few convince the many to back them, and yet think they are free for it was seemingly their choice of affirms.We live in dire times, times when the forces of darkness have perverted us, and that which is evil is promoted to that which is good, and that which is good is called evil.In the name of justice is injustice worked, and in the name of civil rights men loose their civil rights. All of this is justified by the fact that those who where elected, and so represent the will of the people, have made the declaration. There is no value given to the rights of the minority interest, and only those who are special interest groups, who form powerful lobbies and secure votes for corrupt politicians, yield the power of social change.Recently, the House of Lords was reformed, the commons shall be sovereign over it, and the Lords shall be elected. This shall, according to conventional wisdom, give legitimacy to the Lords, for before they had been unselected. But I fear it shall give them illegitimacy. For rather than being detached, and capable of unpopular decisions, they will be just as the commons are. Self conscious, always seeking to appease the masses, and desirous to win a vote over their rivals by making promises and deals, and subject to making deals with special interest group who will promise them a block vote if they vote certain way. Madness reigns in a Democracy, and the British Government has become near totally democratic.Even the United States is not Immune, for many think the US is a Democracy, and it begins to slide in this direction.Though the United States is a Republic.

What, then, doth any of this have to do with a sermon?

We are to reflect today on Gods word, and not mens politics. For all earthly Kingdoms are doomed, and every one is transitory.


But it is a vital point I make, the thought of Democracy, for it pervades our culture, and swamps everything we do, and perfectly illustrates three points, which I shall make.

The concept of Democracy is that the majority should rule, and all power is derived from the people. A peoples government, in which the majority interest prevails. The theory is dependant, of curse, on the majority being composed of individuals, making sensible decisions after deliberation. This , of course, is never the case. Most are selfish, and the majority is easily swayed by a Charismatic leader, or simply thinking the majority votes a way so they will to. Mob mentality exists very easily in humanity, and in a mob, he who is popular, and shouts the loudest, usually draws the biggest crowd, and gets the most votes.

Nonetheless, we are told that this is the route to fairness and justice, and freedom is indeed dependant upon, and only emerges from, Democracy. No truth can be found in other systems, which are tyranny.

And this thinking has extended well beyond merely selecting representatives in Government, and has become the prevailing sentiment in all cultural endeavours in our world.

Democracy is the rule of popularity. That which is most popular is right and true. And the majority is never wrong.

As a result, even the doctrines of Scripture, in many Churches, are decided by vote. The majority decides what the Bible means.

Usually, the majority is unlearned, and seldom spends time in deep study, and no one seeks the truth. So, the Charismatic Pastor gives his interpretation, and sells it to the masses, after persuading them to follow along.

And they vote for him even over a learned man if the learned man is not as interesting, or as good at advertising his view, or making it popular. Thus is truth decided by majority vote.

And often, said vote is uneven, confused, and warped. Often it is based on inconsistent thinking and what happens to be given emergence to by random talk, not deep study. Sometimes, indeed usually, he who wants to make it make since, the Charismatic Pastor, simply interprets the Bible to support his own views on politics, human nature, or the world. His interpretation is thus self serving, and often designed to promote an outside interest, such as a political action, which he gives the veneer of religiosity to by quoting, out of context, Bible passages to make it appear as though his thoughts are in accordance with, and derived from, Gods word.


Truth and God are not the focus in this system, man is. Man is the final arbiter of truth, and mans desires and goals lead the conclusion more than astute study and diligent prayers.

Man also, in this system, tends to forget the majesty of God, and instead focuses on man, and places in man undue dignity and honour, elevating mankind to a lofty position beyond his station.

He forgets that man was made for God, and by God, and that God alone is sovereign. Indeed, he forgets what a King truly is, and God, still given lip service as Lord and King, is reduced, in mens minds, to a being who created them, and is far removed, bowing to their will, and who stamps authority on their causes.


Men, in this way, follow their own doctrines, and the doctrines of convenience, or of political control, and draw not neigh unto God. The will of the people surpasses Gods, and the people rejoice in this.


In the end, man himself is focused on, to the extent that worship is valued only as a mean of fellowship and senc of community, mans ruleship is endlessly spoken of, the healing of God invoked to restore mans wholeness so he can rule and accomplish for himself his goals, and man, himself, is made into a god of sorts.

It is mans place in the world, not Gods will, that is emphasised. Mans Ruleship is Emphasised often today, as is Human dignity. Worship, according to many I hear now, is “For man” though directed toward God. Nor is worship an oblation , an elevation of a Holy God because he, and he alone, is worthy to be praised, but an experience of joy and a privilege for man to renew his spiritual vigour and renew his Human Dignity and self worth.

Man, when he focuses on himself, also focuses on his pleasures, and his wants, his tastes, and his likes, and his interests. This causes division, and of course, splintering occurs. Since not all agree on what music to play, or on formal or informal services, there is tension. And since mans desires, tastes, and wants reign, the man who promises to give you what you want is the one you choose to listen to.

The focus is entirely on man and his participation. Man and his politics. Man and his desires. Man and his feeble understanding. And those who do not share their views, if enough are gathered, divide from one another, in endless division over doctrine, polity, and worship.

Likewise there is no stability. For mans tastes change, as does his culture, and in the mix is an ever ready acceptance of fads and trends, which come and go, and create a shifting sands on which we are to build our homes.

The Church, which at one time was the bulkwarth of truth, is now a sea of opinion, and where once it was an Anchor in an uncertain world, whose principles where timeless and which gave assurance, guidance, and certainty in an unsure world of strife and conflict, has now become an arena of strife, change, and conflict.

No longer is it the unchanging anchor, and now its just another arena of division and interests.

This is the end of Democracy.


Then there is the nature of truth itself, as men think foolishly that their votes truly matter to the world at large. A man may think that even God himself will bow to the will of he majority. God is more willing, however, to listen to one righteous man than a thousand Wicked.

Indeed, men think their votes can change anything. But if men votes the sun to be less hot, would the sun listen?

Is God, who is our creator, and no man, all powerful, capable of all things, and knowing all things, truly beholden to creatures made of dust, of futile life, and who are sustained only at his good pleasure? Should God, who knoweth all things, be subjected to his creatures, who know nothing in light of his own knowledge?

Indeed, the greatest folly of rule of the majority is the presumption that their is wisdom in the majority, and no one seeks then to look for truth, but to convince the majority of their opinion and latest flight of fancy, thinking their ideas are legitimate if enough people follow them. All since of objective truth is lost.

But Objective truth remains.

This, then, leads to the most harmful aspect of Democracy. Oppression.

For inasmuch as Kings have in times past been oppressors, and inasmuch as one can see a clear need of law, many Democracies now are tyrannical, and all in the end become tyrannies. And a tyranny of the majority. And a tyranny that is much harder to get people to realise is a tyranny. For the tyrants are the people.

They suffer under the illusion of freedom who suffer under democratic values. This illusion prevents a revolt. And besides, the majority rules already, so who is to create a revolt? Surely the majority can overpower the minority unless its not a great lead. And the Majority shall not give over its power.

There is mounting pressure in a Mob rule to conform to the mob, and be one with it. It assimilates most, and most are crushed under its weight. An oppression emerges from Democracy, because the crowds want something, and they take it.

No value is given to rule of law, civility, restraint, or the rights of man, Only the prevailing majority. None can speak ill of that which has found group support. Those who run the lobby groups who control the representatives re powerful, and silence all opposition.

And on the people , it creates ruin. For a man will grow confused. What he thinks and feels will be subordinate to the masses, and he will accept the masses views. If, though, the crowds do that which his logic and reason, or his conscience, deplores, he will oft suppress his own reasoning, and blindly follow the crowd. But still in his mind and heart the objection remains, and it mounts, building up. Finally a man must live a lie, and doesn’t realise he is doing so, for he lives in agreement with what he thinks he should be, and not what he truly is. Mental illness is the result of such.

An any Democracy one sees an increase in Neurosis.

Finally, Democracy ends , for it splinters too much for their to be a consistent majority. The people, who now care only for themselves, and think their own vies superior to all others, have become corrupted, greedy, lustful, arrogant, and love no one but themselves. Given to abuse and excess, crime rates soar as Civilisation fragments.


Then, a frightened people sign away what rights they have left, and the power of the majority, to those who promise them protection from their neighbours. This protection is usually guided by a man on top, an extortionist or opportunist, who secures power, consolidates it, and becomes a Dictator.

Thus doth Democracy die, and in the place of the rule of the mob and the tyranny of the masses, is the tyranny of an elite band of protectors, lead by a man who is now unquestionable, and unaccountable.

Man, when he focuses on himself, becomes only selfish, and when he does this, he seeks legitimacy by the opinions of other men, and finally divides himself. The splinters then fight one another for supremacy, whilst ever more splinters form, until society is so divided, that it cannot sustain itself, and men, having becomes lovers of pleasure and their own agendas, and not Gods ways, take on hedonistic and violent habits, and become a danger to all.

Finally, this ends when a dictator senses power by his might and strength. All freedom is thought then to be lost when the dictator assumes power, but was really lost before, and he simply assumed power over a corrupt society.

Thus should it be that men seek not their own counsel and their own opinion, nor seek after their own hearts. For men are selfish, and seek less the good of all, but he good of themselves.

Thus, man should seek after only the will of God, found in his Holy word, in prayer, and in the counsels of the Fathers how did seek after God. The Church should guide by Gods spirit, not by mans opinions. Never should man trust in vain man, or in popularity. Truth is often unpopular, and would seldom win a vote. But it is truth all the same, unchanged by the opinions of men, and unmoved by their pleas.



It is to Gods truth, no matter how unappealing, how unpopular, how old fashioned, or how distasteful, we must always turn. And it is to truth we should dedicate ourselves. To Charity and the good of all, not for selfish desires. And to Gods laws, not mans opinions, which we ought be driven by.

For it is truth that sets us free, not rule by majority, and fairness is base don justice and objectively doing that which is right, not doing that which most men have approved of by vote.

Justice is not legitimised by majority opinion or representative rule, neither is truth determined by vote.

Gods ways, and the truth, set men free to be who they truly are, and the blessings of liberty allow all men to run their own affairs by their own conscience, rather to choose God or not.

And we should strive then for truth, and truth alone, and to focus on God, the author of all truth, and God alone.

Mans dignity is nothing. Man is but dust, a worm, and of no lasting effect. God, though, is Eternal and our source. Mans opinion is but limited and vain, Gods mind infinite and wise.

Let is abandon worship that is done for man, and worship God in majesty because he so deserves it.

Let us not focus on Mans ruleship, or mans material blessing of God, or mans desires, or mans worth. Let us instead focus on Gods word, and Gods righteousness, and Gods unchanging truth.

Let us not be swayed by he who is popular, and who speaks well, looks appealing, and who has the right words to tell us to get elected, and knows how to win popularity. Lt us Focus rather on Jesus, who was scorned, spat upon, and reproached, and became a curse for us. Crucified naked, shamed, and defeated, for us, for his love for us. Jesus was not a Popular man on a Cross, he was a man who the crowds sought to kill. He was, nonetheless, the King of Glory, rather than majority allowed this or not, or accepted it. And his act is our strength. Not by vote, but by its own merit.

Popularity is meaningless, and politicians will lie to win seats and make deals to win votes, and speak form both sides of their mouths. Jesus was Honest, and did that which was right.

Let us stand for justice and truth, and let us stand for the way of God, and be united under a common banner of justice, law, and civility, and truth, not under the banner of majority rule and mens opinions.

All men are responsible to each other, and accountable one to another, but all men are subject to the laws of Nature and morality, and all men are subject to God who is sovereign, and should never forget this.

And we should focus on God, and God alone, and in his word, his ways, and his truth, should we always abide.

Not for our own glory, or our own worth, but his.

And at this, I close.

May God help us, and God bless.









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