Posted by: the watchmen | June 14, 2008

Amazing grace to all sinners

IT may be argued that Iris Robinson could have been more tactful in her recent remarks about homosexuality, but there is no doubt that she was both Biblically and factually correct.
The gay lobby may not wish people to know, but – for those who really want it – there is a way out of the gay lifestyle.

The right kind of counselling may indeed be a help, but the Christian position is that the best escape from the prison of abnormal sexual desire is by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Current media thinking seems to be to ridicule, misrepresent or silence the Biblical view, but the fact remains, all of us have a sinful orientation, and God’s ‘Amazing Grace’ is available to all sinners – including homosexuals.

Philip Campbell (Rev)
Convenor, Public Morals Committee,
Congregational Union of Ireland


  1. Funny idea, homosexuality being ‘abnormal’. It’s always existed, in aboriginal societies through to the modern, and even occurs in the animal kingdom – by which I mean homosexual sex and same-sex pair bonding. Given that nature is the real evidence which can’t be argued against, you can’t really say homosexuality is ‘abnormal’. It couldn’t be more normal.

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