Posted by: the watchmen | May 31, 2008

A Man for All Seasons.

Ulster witnessed the end of an era last night as  The Rt. Hon.Dr. Ian R K Paisley formally stood down as leader of The Democratic Unionist Party and First Minister in the Northern Ireland Assembly.
The venue was at Balmoral ,  Belfast, where approximately eight hundred people attended and later at The King’s hall where a banquet for two hundred and fifty was provided costing the guests one hundred pounds each.
But Dr. Paisley’s traditional supporters will not be mourning his political demise. For in the past two or there years they have witnessed him trample on virtually every political principle he once vigorously espoused.
But Paisley is an enigma. For nearly sixty years his ministry has seen thousands of souls Saved mainly in his native Ulster but many throughout the world via his radio and internet projects.A prolific writer, he has authored several books.
A comprehensive report of the event will appear on-line in the Belfast Newsletter today, Saturday 31st May 2008.
We pray that The Big Man may enjoy a long and blessed retirement.

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