Posted by: the watchmen | May 14, 2008

Car Fuel Saving.


12 Top Fuel Saving Tips

1. Check your tyre pressures
When the tyres on your car are under inflated the engine has to work harder in order to move, inevitable using more fuel. Incorrectly inflated tyres can also cause uneven wear on your tyres, running the tread down quicker.

2. Slow down!
Simple really the faster you drive the more furl the engine will use, did you know that by driving at 80mph rather than 70 you will use 10% more fuel. Of course this is no excuse for driving around everywhere at 30mph.

3. Drive consistently
Stop, start, stop start, accelerate, decelerate. Smooth accelerator sense and driving in the correct gear for the speed you are travelling is greatly rewarded with a MPG increase. A constant pace will greatly aid economy as it uses much more fuel to get a vehicle moving than it does to maintain a constant speed, cruise control users can testify to this.

4. Avoid accelerating and braking harshly
Accelerating and braking sharply should be avoided as this puts much greater load on the engine than is required to pull away gently whilst shifting at a lower rpm.

5. Turn off the air con
Comfort may mean compromise in the summer months but using the air conditioning can reduce the fuel economy by up to 4MPG, at motorway speed however this is actually more efficient than having windows or a sunroof open due to the increase in drag.

6. Remove un-needed touring accessories
Quite a few of us have roof racks for our vehicles, but most of the time we don’t use them. Improve the fuel economy by only attaching it to the car when you need it and the 10 extra minutes to prepare to a roof rack required journey will be rewarded in money saved.

7. Only use the car when needed!
The most effective way to save on the amount of fuel you use is to leave the car at home! Town residents can cycle or walk rather than sit in that hot and sweaty traffic jam, not only will it be more enjoyable it will be saving you money.

8. Shop around
The many fuel stations in your home town may have similar prices are they are in direct competition with each other however prices can differ from town – town significantly. There are many internet services available that track prices of petrol stations so you can find the cheapest fuel from the comfort of your own home. You should only consider distant stations on your normal commute travels as driving 20 miles to fill up cheaper will not save you money.

9. Remove un-necessary weight
Extra weight in your vehicle means extra work from the engine to move it, remove any junk and heavy objects from the vehicle that aren’t required for that journey.

10. Use regular fuel
Ignore the performance hype the fuel companies spout regarding their superior fuels. Unless your vehicle is a performance focussed one the only one that will benefit from premium fuel is the fuel company in revenue.

11. Fill up at night
This is really only a very marginal saving but by filling up at night when the air is cooler and the extra density will get a tiny bit more fuel for your money.

12. Ensure the vehicle is serviced regularly
Common sense really, as if you want to maintain the value of the vehicle for future owners scheduled servicing is a must, but this also replaces the engine fuel and ensures the plugs, filters and the bits you don’t really want to mess around with are in optimum condition.

And here is another one for good measure. Always drive on a” full tank”, instead of a gallon or two now and the same in a couple of days time. By filling up you will notice an appreciable saving.


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