Posted by: the watchmen | April 8, 2008

The Ten Commandments.

I havent been near the site now for a few weeks due to illness, and while I am very happy to be back again I rely upon your prayers.
I am dissapointed though that so far I have been unable to downland Spurgeon, but prayerfully will get this sorted out in a day  or two.
The great thing about illness is that it gives one plenty of time to meditate and contemplate upon the matchless Grace of our Creator, Saviour and Lord
And one matter which has  exercised me to pen this paragraph or two is that when Jesus completed the Work It was truly Finished…Nothing more for the sinner to do;only Believe.
Sadly there is something inherent in the carnal mind of many though that leads them to think that they have a little extra to add to that great geat work of Grace.Roman Catholicism is a typical exaple of this. Though it can also be found in many “Protestant Churches” who want to add their own bit. Keeping the Ten
Commandments or at least part of them will gain them Salvation. Surely one of Satan’s greatest     lies! . The moral law didnt save in the
Old Testament either
May The Lord give each of  us Strnthgth to get this message across

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