Posted by: the watchmen | March 8, 2008

Rev. Stephen Dickinson asks : “Who is chuckling now?”


The saying goes, ‘He who laughs last, laughs loudest’ – how true that has proven to be yet again. The question that we ask today is this: Who is chuckling now?
I supported Dr Paisley from I was a young person and over the years I heard him say of Brian Faulkner, Willie Whitelaw, Margaret Thatcher and many others, that whoever betrays the people of Ulster never prospers thereafter, indeed their careers would be ruined.

Today, Dr Paisley’s own words have come true, the man who led unionism so well for so long against her enemies then sat down with her enemies in joint partnership.

It is very sad in a personal way, but was the price he had to pay for laughing with IRA/Sinn Fein and bringing them into the heart of Government.

The IRA and Sinn Fein, we were told, were inextricably linked. They still are with the IRA Council still in existence, and some of its members perhaps in Stormont or even in the Executive.

I always remember Dr Paisley saying, when he was elected First Minister, I will serve my full term of office – here’s the important words he forget to add – God willing!

The bible says you can’t ignore God and get away with it. Paisley willing and God willing are not the same thing – God always has His way!
It doesn’t really matter who takes over leadership of the DUP now, because having used Dr Paisley to get into power, these shameless individuals will carry on betraying Ulster – they will just do it without a smile on their face.

I believe th

e new leader and the DUP party will be involved in a great ‘con act’, they will set out to bluff the unionist people yet again. They will act tough, talk tough, appear to be taking a new hard line approach with IRA/Sinn Fein but behind backs, they will continue the DUP’s great betrayal of everything they once said they stood for, because they have all been part of it all along, and if they weren’t then they should get out!

The nature of Dr Paisley’s departure should be a warning to the new leader, not just to avoid ‘chuckling’ with the enemy but to know that if they continue the betrayal of the unionist people they will go down, too. The unionist people won’t have it, as happened in Dromore and will happen in other places, too.

Dr Paisley was to learn to his great cost, and the DUP better believe it that – ‘a chuckle a day drives the voters away’.

Rev Stephen Dickinson,

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