Posted by: the watchmen | March 5, 2008

Stepping down of Ian Paisley________Rev. Ivan Foster.


A statement from Rev Ivan Foster on the stepping down of
Dr Ian Paisley as First minister and leader of the DUP
In an interview on BBC Northern Ireland television in December 2006, I said that I thought that many Free Presbyterians would be broken-hearted at the prospect of Dr Paisley in coalition with Martin McGuinness.
Time has proved that statement to be true.
None who loved Ian Paisley would have wished him to end his political life with the godfathers of IRA murder and terror firmly entrenched in the joint leadership of Northern Ireland, a position they could never have attained but for the DUP agreeing to enter a coalition with them.

That is not what Ian Paisley entered politics to achieve and it is not what his early supporters expected.

He leaves in power the very forces he rallied the Protestant people of Ulster to oppose, even unto the death.

The memories of the man that I would wish to retain and cherish are those of his days as a mighty preacher when it was my privilege to sit under his ministry in gospel missions in tents and halls from one end of Northern Ireland to the other.

Those were days of conversions, of God’s people separating from the apostasy of the ecumenical churches and an exposing of the Romeward trend.

Those days will receive scant mention in the profiles of Dr Paisley which will feature prominently in the Northern Ireland news media over the next few days.

4th March 2008
6.30 pm


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