Posted by: the watchmen | March 5, 2008

Ian Paisley________End of an Era.

Dr. Ian Paisley’s resignation yesterday as First minister of the  Northern Ireland Assembly and  leader of the Democratic Unionist Party has had a mixed reaction.
Those who saw  Dr. Paisley as a traitor par excellence, one who sold  his country out for  personal power or expediency and went in to a joint coalition with the murderous IRA will largely welcome it.
While on the other hand we have those who yearn for change  compromise and the ” peace at any price brigade” saddened.
But in both groups are large numbers who regard  Dr Paisley as on of the  greatest gospel preachers of the twentieth century. Many thousand have been Saved  through his ministry, both in his own church, at evangelistic meetings and his radio ministries.
May he , now in his 82nd year, be given many more years to expound the Riches of Christ

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