Posted by: the watchmen | December 13, 2007

We warmly commend    this letter to all our viewers.

Despite the DUP disenfrachising the loyalist electorate, we have now in the Traditional Unionist Voice, a movement with which the electorate can feel comfortable.

Allister is needed for traditional unionist

Unionist MEP Jim Allister has been taking quite a slating in the local Press and media this past week or so – both personally and his declared intention to form some kind of opposition to the present mal-administration of our Province.

Most of the vitriol appears to emanate from DUP quarters. Jim Allister, we are told, is a “political dinosaur”. Yet it’s not that long ago the DUP were very happy to have this “beast” within their fold.
Recall it was the DUP who went looking Jim to be their Euro candidate. Just a few months ago they paraded him around each constituency in the run-in to March so eager were they for his endorsement of their candidates.
And if he is a “dinosaur” it’s not that long ago most of the critics were content to be considered “prehistoric” animals themselves – before they were more recently transformed into almost motionless invertebrates willing to capitulate to every republican whim.
Predictably enough, we have all the supposed concerns about splitting the unionist vote and fracturing the unionist family further. You could write the script.
There is irony in hearing these charges from DUP critics. They listened to the same charges from the UUP for 30 years and it didn’t dissuade them. The DUP really have metamorphosed into the UUP completely – old, played out slogans and all!
What about offering the electorate choice? What about someone having the integrity to tell the voters precisely what they stand for?
The DUP wishes to deny the first and have forgotten the second. That’s all beside the fact that the insinuation that we might split the vote is nonsense, and quite an ironic accusation from the very party who has put Sinn Fein at the heart of government.
I think Jim Allister should be encouraged by the criticisms especially those from senior DUP and UUP representatives and spokesmen.
“Me thinks they doth protest a little too much” about how insignificant and irrelevant Jim and his supporters will be. If Jim repres

ented no one why pay notice of him at all?
Jim Allister represents tens of thousands of unionist voters right across the Province as an MEP; more than any other single unionist politician.
Furthermore, he can claim he is representing the same electorate as voted him in in 2004 as he has not altered his position on any of the key issues since he was elected.
Unlike his critics who don’t hold the same principles they professed in 2004 and who hadn’t the integrity to tell the electorate where they stood on the central issues in 2007.
I fully endorse the stand taken by Jim.
I think the launch of an alternative voice will appeal to traditional unionist folk, especially against the backdrop of Ian Paisley and his partner Marty McGuinness wining and dining in the US Capital with a “who’s-who” of the North American Irish caucus.
Ivor McConnell,
Now More Optimistic Unionist,

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