Posted by: the watchmen | December 7, 2007

New political movement.

We greatly welcome the announcement to day of a new political movement here.

Jim Allister is to be heartily commended as he stands in the gap to withstand the treachery of the DUP and the murderous  IRA.   STATEMENT BY JIM ALLISTER MEP ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF NEW POLITICAL MOVEMENT “With both Unionist parties now enthusiastically working and implementing the Belfast Agreement, Unionists who reject it are disenfranchised. This is not in the interests of Unionism, because it will encourage a diminishing unionist vote, as many feel they now have no one to vote for. Thus, with others, I have been persuaded of the necessity of providing an organisation to mobilise and give voice to such legitimate opinion.  Today, therefore, I am pleased to announce the launch of “TRADITIONAL UNIONIST VOICE”. This launch is the product of work behind the scenes in recent months within the unionist community. In consequence branches already exist in 12 of the 18 constituencies, with work continuing to complete and expand the network right across the Province. Traditional Unionist Voice has four founding principles which encapsulate where Traditional Unionists stand. We are

  • wholly committed to the Union;
  • desirous of devolution compatible with democratic principles and precedents prevailing elsewhere in the UK, thus causing us to reject the present undemocratic mandatory coalition model which puts Sinn Fein in government;
  • adamant that the rule of law must prevail in every part of Northern Ireland and be administered without fear or favour;
  • supportive of traditional family values.

 Thus, TUV will occupy the traditional unionist ground so wantonly abandoned by others for the sake of office. A publication being distributed with the Belfast Telegraph on Friday 7 December and with the News Letter on Saturday 8 December will deal in greater detail with the key political issues. Tens of thousands of unionists feel sickened and deflated by the spectacle of IRA/Sinn Fein at the heart of our government, having been put there by those they trusted in the past. To them I say, you are not alone, ours is an honourable and legitimate view and together we can make it count.”  STATEMENT OF SUPPORT FROM COUNCILLORS ACROSS THE PROVINCE “We greatly welcome the formation of Traditional Unionist Voice.  At grassroots level we are very aware that thousands of Unionists feel betrayed and disenfranchised by the DUP’s rush into government with IRA/Sinn Fein.We look forward to working with like-minded Unionists to establish and grow a vibrant voice within local government opposing Sinn Fein and fighting for the traditional unionist values upon which we were elected.” Cllr Frazer Agnew (Newtownabbey)Ald James Alexander (Ballymena)Ald Cecil Calvert (Lisburn)Cllr Leslie Cubitt (Limavady)Cllr Boyd Douglas (Limavady)Ald Roy Gillespie (Ballmena)Cllr Sam Gaston (Ballymena)Cllr Stephen Herron (Banbridge)Cllr Mel Lucas (Antrim)Ald Jack McKee (Larne)Cllr Audrey Patterson (Ballymoney)Cllr Mark Russell (Craigavon)Cllr Robin Sterling (Ballymena)Cllr Charlie Tosh (Castlereagh)Cllr David Tweed (Ballymena)Cllr William Wilkinson (Ballymena)  STATEMENT OF SUPPORT BY FORMER MP FOR EAST LONDONDERRY, WILLIAM ROSS “When the Rev Ian Paisley and his party did their about turn and embraced joint rule of Northern Ireland with those whose policy was the destruction of the Union, the Unionist people were stunned into silence and bewilderment. It was, however, clear to me that basic Unionist principles had not gone away and that the deep, bitter anger so evident and so widespread in the Unionist community would eventually find a means of expressing itself. I therefore very much welcome the launch of Traditional Unionist Voice as the first public manifestation of the fight back against the betrayal of our inheritance, and of integrity and common decency in politics. This movement is a platform for all whose political involvement and activity is driven by policy and not by egotistical personality and personal ambition. I would urge all who value the Union to give it their moral and practical support.”  STATEMENT OF SUPPORT BY THE GRAND CHAPLAIN OF THE ORANGE ORDER, REV STEPHEN DICKINSON “Many within the Christian community and the Orange family have been disgusted with the delivery of IRA/Sinn Fein into Government. Many feel totally betrayed by the DUP’s u-turn on fundamental issues and the ease with which they can work so happily together with self confessed IRA men and convicted terrorists. The price to achieve this charade has been the innocent blood of many members of the B Specials, RUC, RUCR, UDR, RIR, the British Army, the Loyal Orders as well as other innocent members of the Protestant and Roman Catholic communities. The DUP and other pro-agreement unionists have miserably failed the people of Ulster and so many will welcome the establishment of a movement based on Traditional Unionist values that will give a clear, strong, principled and positive voice back to the Unionist community again. It is time in the day of evil to take a stand, and having done P and the murderous IRA.


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