Posted by: the watchmen | December 1, 2007

Ian Paisley.

When Dr Paisley signed the disastrous anti-Ulster, St. Andrews Agreement on that fateful day, it wasn’t so much the emotions of anger and horror that beset us; rather it was one of heartbreak. Absolute heartbreak. Many thousands of homes up and down Ulster were eclipsed by the shadow of a bereavement. Had our country, or should I say it’s leader finally succumbed to the prong attack by the Roman Catholic Church, IRA, Westminster and Dublin?

So for peace of mind and sanity retention, I can no longer ably discuss politics nor watch or listen to the media concerning political happenings here. I much prefer to remember and reflect upon the Ian Paisley I knew and whom I first met over 40 years ago realising there and then that he was truly a Man of Destiny and confronting the twin evils of Ecumenism and O’ Neillism. Almost single-handedly, he took on spokesmen for the “three main Protestant churches” who were calling for closer union with Rome. Likewise in the political arena where he toppled Terence O’Neill.

But infinitely most important of all of Dr. Paisley’s life’s work was the Gospel that he preached. He witnessed thousands of people getting Saved in this country, and he has preached to potentially millions throughout the world on radio and sermon audio.

The other Ian Paisley? God is still Sovereign. He can raise up or tear down.He will assuredly not long tolerate the evil of the Northern Ireland Assembly.


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