Posted by: the watchmen | November 29, 2007

" The way the DUP used to talk."

Reminder to DUP of previous words

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View GalleryDespite all the spin and hype at the present time emanating from DUP sources, I would, as a former DUP voter and supporter, remind them of what they once said: “There must be no fudge or compromise, Blair and Ahern cannot be trusted – any diminution would be an act of treachery and outright surrender to Sinn Fein/IRA gangsters.”
They also said:

“The DUP will never negotiate Ulster’s future with the murderers of the IRA or their representatives.”
“The DUP will not be sitting down with the godfathers of IRA terrorism.”
“The DUP gives a guarantee that it will not be engaging in any negotiations, talks or discussions with representatives of terrorist organisations.”
“The DUP position is as consistent as it is right, we will not negotiate with the IRA with its guns or without them.”
“We are principled people and are not going to be bought or borrowed or got at by anyone.”
“The DUP stands for total destruction of the IRA and no Dublin interference in Ulster’s affairs.”
“We have no intention of negotiating with Sinn Fein/IRA.”
“The way of conformity to the deadening routine of establishment politics is not for us, the chain of offices, and the seat of administration, power and the trappings of the prestige of being elected representatives have left a deadening hand on many who were once strong and true loyalists and unionist representatives.”
“We must guard against this contagious and paralysing plague.”
The above statements and the list are endless and put recent DUP activity into perspective.
Former DUP Activist,


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