Posted by: the watchmen | November 24, 2007

Shame on you, Mr. Tinsley!


LISBURN’S DUP Mayor has described how a member of Stoneyford’s Jubilee Committee told him he was ‘not wanted’ in the area because his party had ‘gone into government with Sinn Fein’ when he attended the lighting of the village’s experimental July 11 beacon.
James Tinsley
The burning of a beacon, instead of the traditional bonfire, was intended to bring an environmentally friendly aspect to the event while it was hoped the rest of the festival – which was awarded £3000 of council funding – would make the evening ‘cross community’.

Mr. Tinsley told the City Council’s Leisure Services Committee he and his party colleague Alderman Cecil Calvert eventually lit the beacon together but added events had taken another unpleasant turn when a speech was made criticising representatives of three political parties.

The speaker, he added, went on to make comments which resulted in many Catholics who were present walking away.

The Mayor who had to leave to attend another engagement was speaking before a presentation on the festival by the Vice Chairman of the Jubilee Committee Mark Harbinson who admitted he had made the controversial speech.

Following his presentation councillors went into committee to discuss a report on the July 11 events in Stoneyford behind closed doors.
However, it is believed the report by Leisure Services Director Mr. Jim Rose identified the speech as one of two events which detracted from the cross community aspect of the evening.

The other was an alleged illegal band parade which took place in Stoneyford in the run up to July 11.

See full story in this week’s Ulster Star

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