Posted by: the watchmen | November 22, 2007

IRA protected by Peace Process.

A is ‘protected’ by peace process


THE IRA and its members are ruling republican areas with fear and getting away with killings – like that of Paul Quinn – because they are still being protected by the political process, post-devolution, Catherine McCartney claimed last night.
The sister of murdered Belfastman Robert McCartney, speaking as her book Walls of Silence is published this week, expressed the view that little has changed in terms of republican grassroots support for the rule of law in the three years since her brother’s death.

“The only difference now is that the number of people willing to turn a blind eye (to a killing like Paul Quinn’s) has increased,” she said.
“If I was the Northern Ireland public – and I speak as one of them – I would be deeply concerned about the fundamentals of law and order in this country.”

Walls of Silence tells the inside story of Robert’s murder and his sisters’ subsequent battle for justice with Sinn Fein, the IRA and the authorities.

Written between September 2006 and June this year, it reveals how Sinn Fein made public promises to help the McCartneys but did not deliver.
And ultimately it reaches the conclusion that justice has not been served in the case, because it did not suit the peace process.

“We had been asked by publishers even within a few months of Robert’s murder to write or get someone to write it, but at that stage we could not think of it,” said Catherine ahead of the book launch in Belfast’s Linenhall Library last night.

“But we later decided it was a vehicle and an opportunity to get some of the truth out there and tell people what happened.”

The book details many facts about the killing, but Catherine added: “It is more to do with how Sinn Fein were particularly treating the family at the time. At one level they were saying they supported the family and they were moving on politically on issues like decommissioning, but it did not transcend into a real commitment to help bring all those involved to justice.

“It’s about how the (peace) process mitigated against us getting justice and how a blind eye was turned to murder to protect that process and we were the victims of that.

“The process has been protected – at all costs – and has been treated as more important than law and order and we, as a family, have been the victims of the peace process.”

Catherine said there is just no way she can imagine policing and justice powers being devolved to Stormont in the wake of the murder of Paul Quinn in Castleblaney.

“It shows that nothing has changed,” she claimed.
“These people, republican paramilitaries and Sinn Fein members, do these things because they know they can get away with them. They are protected because they know there will be no big issue made of anything, to protect the peace process.
“It’s only if you live in these areas, like the Markets and the Short Strand, that you understand the grip the paramilitaries still have on the community.”

The McCartneys have made their view known to the Stormont committee which has been looking at the devolution of the powers.
But their request to give oral evidence to the committee was declined


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