Posted by: the watchmen | November 16, 2007

Dr. Paisley. Then and Now!

The followin extract is from a sermon preached by Dr. Ian paisley in the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, Belfat in 1997.

Dr. Paisley’s words then are in sharp contrast with his treachery of today.

Little wonder that the people of Ulster are perplexed and heartbroken.

Why I will not sit down with unrepenting terrorists and help them destroy my country.”

Taken from a sermon preached in Martyrs Memorial by Dr Ian Paisley 21 sept 1997

“Today there is a siren cry from the ecumenists in the pulpits of our land. They are crying for the political leaders to sit down with those who have been responsible for some of the vilest and most bloody deeds in all the history of this unhappy island … Anyone one who has any morality knows that this is wrong.

Someone asked me this week why was I not at the talks my reply was:

FIRSTLY: because the Bible tells me it is wrong
SECONDLY: because my conscience testifies in my soul that it is wrong
THIRDLY: because those who advocate it are on the side of defiance of God’s laws
FOURTHLY: because those who issue the invitations are busy covering over further lawlessness for the participants.
FIFTHLY: I will not be at those talks because those who murder and lie cannot be trusted.
SIXTHLY: I will not be at these talks because those who demand our presence are holding onto weapons to continue their campaigns of murder.
SEVENTHLY: I will not be at these talks because under the rules no confrontation is permitted only negotiations.
EIGHTHLY: I will not be at those talks because I refuse to act dishonestly with my constituents.

When my constituents voted for me they voted for a covenant that we made as a party with our people that we will not sit down today or tomorrow or at any time with SF/IRA, full stop. I am


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