Posted by: the watchmen | November 6, 2007

CH Spurgeon–5th November–Popery

November 5-Morning {Daily Reading: #Joh 11:1-12:50} {Quick Study: #Joh 20:1-21:25}

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper.” {#Isa 54:17}

This day is notable in English history for two great
deliverances wrought by God for us. On this day the plot of the
Papists to destroy our Houses of Parliament was discovered,

While for our princes they prepare
In caverns deep a burning snare,
He shot from heaven a piercing ray,
And the dark treachery brought to day.

And secondly—today is the anniversary of the landing of King
William III, at Torbay, by which the hope of Popish ascendancy
was quashed, and religious liberty was secured, 1688.

This day ought to be celebrated, not by the saturnalia of
striplings, but by the songs of saints. Our Puritan forefathers
most devoutly made it a special time of thanksgiving. There is
extant a record of the annual sermons preached by Matthew Henry
on this day. Our Protestant feeling, and our love of liberty,
should make us regard its anniversary with holy gratitude. Let
our hearts and lips exclaim, “We have heard with our ears, and
our fathers have told us the wondrous things which thou didst in
their day, and in the old time before them.” Thou hast made this
nation the home of the gospel; and when the foe has risen
against her, thou hast shielded her. Help us to offer repeated
songs for repeated deliverances. Grant us more and more a hatred
of Antichrist, and hasten on the day of her entire extinction.
Till then and ever, we believe the promise, “No weapon that is
formed against thee shall prosper.” Should it not be laid upon
the heart of every lover of the gospel of Jesus on this day to
plead for the overturning of false doctrines and the extension
of divine truth? Would it not be well to search our own hearts,
and turn out any of the Popish lumber of self-righteousness
which may lie concealed therein?



  1. good to see you back again.

  2. Thank you indeed; good to be back!

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